December 17, 2010


I’ve been slack on the blog…I’ll admit it.  And yesterday my eldest let me know.
Here is our email exchange:
You need to update your blog.
Tomorrow will be a week.
This is so pitiful.
I’m ashamed to be your daughter
Sticks tongue out at disrespectful daughter

It’s not disrespect.
I’m holding you accountable.
Apparently I have disappointed her and needed to be held accountable.
Life has been busy and I’ve been a little (okay..a bit more than a little) stressed and let’s just say the blog gets put on the back burner. But I know all of you are out there just waiting to hear what I have to say (snort) about life and my world so I am sorry that I have let you all down. Hopefully you made it through the week without me.
To appease my eldest:
Here are some pictures:
Ethiopian spiced honey bread we made…yum. very good. I still need to post this recipe for you. Maybe I will make that disrespectful daughter do it! :)
First snow we had and Ab went outside on the deck and wrote I LOVE YOU.
Sugar cookie fun.
Yesterday’s snowfall. The kids worked hard making a snow fort all day with their sand bucket.
Just thought this was pretty !
Our little dog, Bonnie, that loves the snow. She gets so cold that she starts shaking but won’t come in because she loves it.  Josh finally caught her and brought her in.  And all that snow ended up on my floor.
There you go! Hopefully that will appease the eldest!!
And by the way…our new numbers are




  1. Your disrespectful daughter is right - your followers need you! ;o)

  2. He he he he.....hey my kids love reading my blogs too.

    Waiting for the recipe.

    LOVE that he wrote I love you in the snow!!!! :)

  3. I DO miss your posts - but I certainly can't point any fingers, since I think I'm averaging about 3 posts/month this year! And WOW on the numbers - #12! That's great!

  4. Love your new numbers! And the bread looks awesome! Can't wait to see the recipe!

  5. Oh I hope she keeps you accountable on that recipe! How fun! Congrats on the new numbers!!

  6. Cute pics! And congrats on moving up the lists this week!

    Please post the recipe when you get a chance...I'd love to republish it on the IAN Families blog...thanks!

  7. Good thing my girls aren't old enough to notice sometimes almost a month elapses between blog posts! :) Time just seems to fly by so fast! Can't wait for the bread recipe! Looks delicious!



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