December 5, 2010

Mosquito Nets Delivered!

Remember Vince’s goal of 100?  Remember how excited I was at 47 nets?  Well guess how many were purchased!!!  130!!!  The original estimate of the price we could have bought 47, then Vince found out that we could probably get 80….When they went to buy them, they could buy 130!!!
Don’t you love when God breaks your goal?  haha.  Talk about some loaves and fish!
Below are the pictures of Vince and his family meeting at the school to hand out the nets.  They were only able to do 60 on that day and are going back to do more this week. 
Thank you so much for your support in this project. Just look at these faces and know you have helped to keep them safe at night!
Getting ready
mosquito 1
Vince and his girls are in the background below.
Samantha is in the background helping to hand out the nets.
Sweet, sweet faces.
mosquito5 mosquito6  mosquito8  mosquito2
Click on Vince’s name above to see his site or go to as well.
Also…Vince will be in California around Feb/March of 2011 and would love come and share his story and heart with your group. (Trust’s a powerful one!)
If you’d like to be involved with this or see about him speaking with your group, contact me at
Again…Thank you!!!


  1. God is so good~! To multiply the nets! That is so awesome!

  2. How wonderful! We serve an amazing God!!!


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