December 2, 2010

Things That I Love

I LOVE the fact that Vince took your money to buy 47 nets and then told me that he was able to buy 80 nets!!  Yes, 80!!  I had prayed and asked God to multiply it (his goal was 100)  We are only 20 short of that goal! Thank you God!  Thank you all for your compassion and generosity to the people of a small village in Zambia!
Can’t wait to show you pictures!! 
In the meantime, here is a picture of Vince and his family:

Aren’t they beautiful?
I LOVE that my son, Ab is adjusting so well. Here is what the WHOLE family received on Thanksgiving.  He made 18 of these. (and inserted cousin, brother, nephew etc)
IMG_2379  IMG_2378
Melt your heart.
I LOVE some of the silly things we do as family…such as play and hide and seek with random characters. It adds much laughter into some of our long days. 
It started out with a Mark Martin figurine that we would hide (but it had to be partially visible.) Whoever found him first had to re-hide but not tell anyone.  Somehow Mark Martin disappeared and it switched to Darth Vader. His last hiding place was inside Stripe Earl’s cage (our pet rat).  Said rat ate Darth. Chewed him all up. Rest in peace Darth.
Now…it’s Yoda.  Here he is ‘hiding’ on top of the doorbell.
yes, with lots of dust bunnies to keep him company!
He was found and I am not sure where he is right now!
This has been the sign on Rachel’s door about a week now.  Hmmmm.


  1. Praise God for multiplying the nets! I love reading notes about your family! Your house sounds like such a fun place to be :-) And Ab's Thanksgiving notes are precious. God is so good!

  2. What a great post! Ab's notes are so sweet, and it sounds like your family has such a great time together.

  3. What precious notes from Ab! Those are keepers! Love the game you have going! :)

  4. I feel privileged to get a note from Ab! Love the hiding thing - that sounds like so much fun! Can I participate when I come over?


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