December 21, 2011


1) Ab has started using the word “ya’ll”  It is so weird hearing my Ethiopian boy say it. I am not sure if I should be proud or apologize. :)

2)Teshale just had his check up. 21 pounds and 29 inches. He is doing great. He is also sporting 2 new teeth. Up to 6 now!  He was NOT happy about the finger prick, shots, or getting his ear cleaned out.

3)Tonight is the first day Hanukah and we are celebrating it with latkes and pulling the menorah out. I love Jewish history and tradition and have many times wished I had Jewish heritage in my family line.

4) Bekah and I keep trying to make things and we realized we are not Martha Stewart…or even her great granddaughter…or 2nd cousin twice removed. We stink. But these tasted good at least!


5)We always wondered what took Ab so long in the bathroom (like an hour—specifically during school time) until we caught him taking a pack of cards in there with him. Apparently the bathroom is the great place to play cards.

6) Bekah is my favorite child. But don’t tell the others (written by Bekah….mom can’t leave her blog posts open for a minute.)

7) When Teshale is upset and wants to yell, he takes his pacifier out and holds it up in the air and yells loud and then sticks it back in his mouth when he’s done. cracks me up.

8) Bekah did an awesome job in Scrooge- The Musical. Her momma sat and cried as she sang.

9) We went to the Bethlehem village last night. Kids thought the camels were the best part.




Enjoy the season—going off to do some baking :)

December 16, 2011

Flashback Friday and last day to donate!!

Me way back when. :)  When my hair was really blonde and I loved Snoopy. I am still rather fond of Snoopy but my hair is no where near blonde—unless you count my grey.

chrissy (2)chrissy christmas


We will choose 2 gift recipients for the Kindle Fires at 9pm central time!! Be sure to check back here for the names and the total amount raised!!

If you haven’t donated yet—go here to do so!

I have been so blessed watching funds come in and even more important, the support and love shared.

I ask that you continue to love and support the Gillis family as they continue their journey to A—which I know you will—based upon your love so far :)

December 12, 2011

Blessed by Community

I am so blessed by our adoption community far and with—from our AGCI families to our IAN families and then add in families with other agencies that we have come to know through common hearts and passions.

Some of these families I have never met—have only connected through facebook, emails, or the phone.  Others I have had the blessed pleasure of meeting them in person.

I have watched in awe as families have rallied around our TLZ auction (those who have adopted and others who have been touched by it) and I have been so blessed to watch families rally around the Gillis family.

I have watched as donations have come through from families who have just completed adoptions or who are even fundraising themselves!

Last week I wanted this Nativity Set from Hobby Lobby (none around here) and you couldn’t buy it online.  I posted that I was looking for it and had several families who said they’d run out and look for it for me.  Two even asked their mothers to look! And yes, I was blessed as someone took time out of their day (and trusted me to pay!) and bought it for me!

That’s true community folks. Love it. I love praying for each other and sharing praises in good news and sharing heartache and tears in bad news.

I loved it when friends took pictures and video of our little guy and I loved returning the favor!

I am blessed when I announce a need the Care Center has, to see it met almost immediately.

I am blessed when I see payments coming in for the auction, cross referencing them and seeing more was given then required.

Thank you friends—far and wide!  You bless me!!

Below is a video from Dennis Jernigan (who graciously donated to our TLZ auction by the way).  Let is bless you!

or another version (a favorite version)

Now…winner of Mini-Giveaway!  Nicole Huson!!

Be blessed today my friends!

December 9, 2011

Flashback Friday-Christmas 1998 and Update!!

I think we had like 15 ornaments on that tree! :) That’s the one we were going to plant and watch grow. We watched it die. Yea..didn’t try that again!


Birthday cake for Jesus :) See that cup Josh is holding? He carried that thing everywhere. Even slept with it.

christmas 1998

Such a cute little guy.



TLZ Auction….over $4000 in bids and donations and still growing!! (thanks to generous people who give more than their bids called for!!) AMAZING! I loved watching people rally around these boys and families!!

And…The Gillis Family Adoption Fund is now up to over $1900!  We were all amazed to watch it grow yesterday! Keep sharing and giving! You have till next Friday!! Be sure to comment when you share on facebook!  Someone is going to receive a fantastic gift of a Kindle Fire ! :)

My heart is full today. I love watching God and His people work and make a difference.

Be blessed my friends. Enjoy the day God has given you.

December 7, 2011

Happy 16th Birthday Bekah!

Happy 16th birthday to my first born baby.

Daddy and our brand new girl.

(no picture of me—I had swollen up like a beached whale. Seriously. My own dad came in the room and didn’t recognize me. It was bad. Darn old toxemia.)


Oh yes, baby in a pail picture.


First birthday. She like her cake as much as Teshale did.


Rebekah now. Thought this picture was fitting because it shows her heart, love and desire as well.

To get back down to Guatemala and to be fluent in Spanish.


Bekah hates mushy stuff but I am going to put it in here anyway. :)

I love you and I am so proud of the young lady you have become.

I am proud of your heart,  your desires and your ability to see what’s important in life.

I am praying that God fulfills your desires in His timing and way. I can’t wait to watch Him work in your life.

December 5, 2011

Children at the Lifesong Ethiopia school  are fed 2 nutritious meals per day, provided with a quality education, and taught the message of Jesus Christ. This gives kids like Beza the hope they need in order to break free from gripping poverty.
We currently have a need to build a 12-room expansion to our existing school, in order to reach more children like Beza. We have been blessed, by the generosity of a donor, to be able to MATCH all donations to the Ziway and Adami Tulu Schools between now and December 31st... up to $130,000!!!
This week, the 5th through the 9th, we invite you to join Hope Ethiopia:100. We are looking for 100 people to give a one-time $100 donation
Joining this team will not only give hope to kids like Beza, but your dollars will be matched AND you'll be entered into a drawing for a FABULOUS gift basket (details below).
Help us achieve the next $10,000 by being a part of our Hope Ethiopia: 100 Team!
Together we can make a difference in the lives of these kids!  Together we can do more to bring joy and purpose to orphans!
And don't forget to keep checking the Lifesong blog for updates all week!
*Gift basket includes: $100 itunes or amazon gift card, Lifesong t-shirtLifesong cookbook,Journey On CD, handmade necklaces & note cards by orphans in Zambia, handmade ornament from a child in Ukraine, 5 bags of Gobena coffeeGobena coffee mugGobena t-shirt, andGobena tote bag. This basket is worth over $250! *To commit via check, please send an email to Make check payable to Lifesong for Orphans, indicate 'preference Hope Ethiopia: 100' in the memo.

December 2, 2011

Flashback Friday–Hawaii 2001 & our Jesse Tree

Oh man, can I just go back in time for a minute (or how about a week?) This seems like a lifetime ago.

(yes—for those that read this earlier—I changed the year—we took two trips (both won from Kraft) and I got the years mixed up :) )’s the cool thing. This trip was completely paid for. even spending money. My hardworking hubby won it through a contest at Kraft Foods (who he used to work for) by working his tail off.

Island of Maui…this where you can see all the whales when it is that time. sigh. it wasn’t that time of the year. very beautiful though (and windy as you can tell from my hair!)


Island of Kauai. Very beautiful.

IMG_0002_NEW’s a story to tell you just how weird and messed up I am. Right before we left there were reports of numerous shark attacks across the coast of the U.S.. You could have called it the year of shark attacks.  Now..I am not one who is all that comfy in the big ole ocean anyways. I was only at one once as a child and that was for about an hour. My first big beach trip was as an adult (and I was pregnant with Bekah) so I use that as my excuse.

So back to the while at this beautiful blue ocean paradise, I was terrified of being eaten by a shark. terrified. I definitely had a spirit of fear about me. so much so that I never even went past my knees!!  While Greg snorkeled I sat on the beach and prayed he’d return. (he saw an octopus which was way cool). I know I know. I was CRAZY. was still a wonderful week and I want to move there permanently and invite all of you along.

oh and yea, could someone find me that body I have in these pictures? I lost it somewhere along the way. :)

Our Jesse tree. Nothing fancy. (I would love to be a fantastic crafter but alas, I am not)

tree branches spray painted green and ornaments made out of the templates from Holy Experience Jesse Tree download.


And our bowl to plant our seeds of kindness in each day.


Have a great weekend friends!

We have a birthday party for a special one year old boy to plan!

PS..Auction closes tonight at 9pm eastern time!! Be sure to bid!!

December 1, 2011

First Himbasha and Injera & marathon anyone??

After getting the Christmas tree the other day we stopped by our local Ethiopian restaurant! Always a favorite stop and we always leave stuffed!

Teshale had his first injera and himbasha and LOVED them both. crazy love. I had a hard time eating for him grabbing things out of my hand.

PS..There were others in the restaurant and Rachel looked around and said “hmph! they are amateurs eating with their forks!” :)


This young man always loves his Ethiopian food. Keeps him going.  Two weeks ago he was determined to run a marathon and truly believed that he could just go out and run one! We kept telling him long it was and he kept saying “well, I’m good—I think I can do it.” Greg took him to the track to run to show how many times it would be around the track…Now, keep in mind he has never done any running here aside from soccer (though he does run hard in a game!) 

The kid ran 8 3/4 miles!! in 112 minutes!! Barely broke his pace! We thought he would barely be able to move the next day and he just said his legs were a little sore! I think I may have a runner on my hands!  Now..who wants to come run a marathon with him?



Now..don’t forget the auction ends Friday at 9pm eastern time!

Don’t forget to bid on stuff!

Big Hint!  There is a beautiful child’s SEE coat from Show Hope there that has no bids on it yet!!

November 29, 2011

O Christmas Tree

This year it was Ab’s and Rachel’s turn to pick the tree. (we take turns to avoid knock out/drag out fights in the middle of the tree farm :) )

Here’s the keeper! And bonus…we found a large bird nest in it when we got home.


T was beyond excited..over what I am not sure.


Love this picture of the little ones. T loved that candy cane. He gnawed it enough to get a small hole that he could suck the peppermint out. He was not happy when we took it away. not happy at all.


We are starting our Jesse Tree tonight using the template from A Holy Experience.

Anyone else?

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