January 12, 2011

Plans, Goals, and Dreams

There has been a desire in my heart for months now. I put it on hold while we were in the big job search and were possibly moving. I was even frustrated because I wanted to begin the work but couldn’t not knowing where we were going to be and what we were going to be doing.
Now—they are in full steam ahead! 

What you ask? (well, I am pretending you asked)

Starting a group along the same lines of one of my faves,  Ordinary Hero, but focusing on our area and other world-wide projects that God leads us to.

This group will consist of men and women who desire to take action in the needs of our communities and across the globe. This has been on my heart for so long and Greg confirmed the ‘call'.  I am excited and a wee bit nervous at the same time.

Since moving forward with this, I have been made aware of so many things in our community that I had no idea about.  A God-thing I believe. He is educating me.

I ask for your prayers as we begin to make this dream a reality.  That we will have discernment and wisdom.  That our paths will be made straight.  We have a meeting coming up in several weeks to pray, discuss, and seek direction. 

(if you are in my area and would like to be involved in our projects, send me an email and I will keep you informed!)

In our church’s Engage service, last week, Pastor Rob shared this verse while we were studying the commandment “Thou shall not steal”-
Ephesians 4: 28  He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need.
And he asked something to the effect of “What if we all worked to that end?  to have something to share with those need?” 

Good question.  What if that was one of the goals of our working? or for those of us that are stay at home moms—what if that was one of the reasons why coupon-clipped, Goodwill shopped, and worked hard at keeping all those costs down?  To share with those in need. 

Pretty simple concept.  Can we live it out?

On another note:

Our Awana group is starting our missions month.

We are focusing on clean water and are collecting all the change we can to help a community receive clean water by raising the funds to repair a well.   We are using Blood: Water Mission.

I was blessed by the response from the kids as I shared last week. They were moved and shocked of the reality of others.  One little one told me “ I am going to bring my piggy bank and it only has a little bit of change, most of it is dollars.”  What a sweetie. Hoping she checks with momma first. :)

Here’s a video to check them out.
(again sometimes only the play button shows up..just push play and it will pop up)

Blood:Water Mission promo video from Blood:Water Mission on Vimeo.


  1. I know you don't know me but wow this post is my heart almost word for word. I am also in the planning stages for something similar to what you are wanting to do.

    I will be praying for God to move through us to bring more people on board to "give to those in need."

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Jessi...I am saying a pray right for you as I type as well. Feel free to keep in contact! We can share ideas ! :)


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