January 23, 2011

Update on Life

Ack, I was missing in action in blog world again! 
Bekah, my ever vigilant blog stalker fussed at me that I was slacking again!
I have been here—just so busy with other things while on the computer that they had to come first (gasp!).
So---to catch you up on the last couple weeks--
We are now ‘offically’

Single Digits!!
Making A Difference class has busy as well! 
We learned about our local Eritrean refugees and have been busy counting all those Pennies for Peace. There was a lot of change to count it up! 
It warms my heart to think about how much of a difference that change will make!
Ab took his first official field trip before Christmas to check out some Tiffany windows in a local church. Beautiful!

Our Awana group at church has been collecting change to repair a well for Blood: Water Mission. They have challenged the church to do the same. Just from 2 weeks from our Awana group (and this is just the Awana group—haven’t counted the other collections yet)—We are over $400!!
The kids have really understood the need for clean water…and it has been a huge blessing to see their pure desire to help.
Pad Parties--  My sweet friend from co-op was so touched by the needs of women in other countries from when I hosted my Pad Party.  She grabbed hold of it and has just ran with it!  She has been hosting days at her church and hours at our homeschool co-op for women to come in and work.  It has been such a blessing to walk in that room and see different women bent over a sewing machine or a table cutting and pinning fabric.
The women that will be blessed from her desire to help!


Some young girls got in the action and cut a bunch of pads themselves!
My cat, Sally.  She looked so comfy sleeping upside down on my couch.  Oh, to be able to sleep like that.
Can you imagine what that would do to our neck??

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