January 6, 2011

Where is the Urgency?

This post has been floating around in my head for awhile. I have tried to write it several times and come up with a blank computer screen.  But—here I go with all my jumbled feelings and words.
Disclaimer: As I share please know that I am speaking to myself here as well as to anyone else.
Those of you who have read my blog for a while know that I struggle with being caught ‘between two worlds.’ Here’s that post if you missed it.
There are times when I feel it even more so and the last couple of weeks have been such a time.
And I have began to ask myself, “where is our urgency?” 
The little clip Depraved Indifference reinforced the question as it asks the question, “what if it was your son?”
And what if it was? 
What if it was your son without shoes?
What if it was your child in need of simple medical care (or major care like our friend Baby Juddah)?
What if it was your child’s life was threatened because they were declared ‘mingi’ ?
What if it was your daughter that needed clean water so they wouldn’t die from something as simple as diarrhea?
What if it was your child that needed someone to care for them in your place?
What if it was your child kidnapped and enslaved in a brick factory or a brothel?
How would we feel then?  What if it was your friend’s child? What if it was your Sunday school teacher’s child?
How would you feel?  Would we need to meet for weeks to decide if we want to do something? Would we need to call for a vote? Would we need to develop a strategic plan for all cases like this in the future before we could do something?
Please don’t misunderstand me—I know that at times we need to do all those things….and I know that we aren’t all called to meet the need of everything single thing. (But I sure would like to try for a while if someone would like to give me a big pot of funds!)
However—sometimes we ARE called to meet a need. Sometimes it may be a small need or a large one. It may be for the boy next door or the widow across an ocean.
At those times we should go with the Spirit’s nudging and
Act. With Urgency.

Now…after all that I want to share with you one of my favorite gifts from Christmas:

My kids pulled their money together and bought this necklace for me. It took them being quite stealthy as they couldn’t use my computer or paypal account or etsy account for fear of me finding out.
I love it! It’s very light and well done.
You want one?
Go to my pal Jody’s etsy shop
(who by the way—gets the urgency! love you Jody!)


  1. Oh I am honored!!! And I LOVED working with your sneaky fam to get it for you, hee hee. And, it was one of my faves and I LOVE when my favorite pieces go to a good home ;) God uses you mightily to advocate on His behalf-it is a blessing just so see your heart for His!!!

  2. I really appreciate your thoughts. I vascilate between struggling to push myself to move with urgency, not questionong or doubting the call I know comes from Him - and wondering why I do not feel called to act sometimes. I guess it is all about following. Crazy how the "assignments" are not always what we would expect or choose!

  3. Back at you Jody! Thanks for helping them!

    @who are we...I totally agree--and there are times that I don't feel called to move or give to something..

    but there are times that I do (and I think this where alot of us get tripped up at) and then I will talk myself out of it--someone else will take care of it, it's not my problem, I don't have time, Is it really that bad...etc etc.

    (again speaking to myself here!)

    Yep, it is all about the following and listening to His voice!!

    Thanks for you thoughts and working it out with me! :)


  4. Totally there with you!

    LOVE your new necklace.

  5. I enjoyed reading this...with the orphan rate only climbing, we have to wonder why the adoption rate is not also climbing to meet it...


  6. Love this post Charisa - it came at an interesting time for us, as God has been pushing us to move on something that's a bit out of our comfort zone. You said it very well!


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