February 24, 2011

Craziness at our house

Clyde’s favorite ‘stick’. He’s had it since last year.
It’s a bit too big. But he doesn’t care.
 IMG_9832 IMG_9835
Being on the envelope system and in the midst of adopting will make you do some crazy stuff to save money.
Such as letting your 15 yr old cut and layer your hair. I was feeling fine until she said “oh man!”
One day last week, I came in and found Rachel like this:
They were shooting a video.  Speak Now by Taylor Swift and she was the bride. scary.
We really need our referral soon. Bekah has resorted to dressing our dog in a onesie.

and thoughts from Bekah on life these days:
So, “life these days” is crazy.
First off, I spent a whole dollar (plus tax!) on that onesie for my dog: Bonnie/Doug/Dougie/Duck/Douglas/Duckie/Duckster       What I call her really just depends on the time of day.
Mom, Dad, and I were brainstorming for baby boy names. Mom wants to do a Biblical name. I went to google and typed in Biblical baby names. Mom likes Gideon and Isaiah. I liked Reuben.  (note from mom—I do like Gideon..a good strong name)
Mom told me we cannot name him Reuben because she always thinks of this guy:  (note from mom—I am sure he is a nice guy)
Okay. I don’t want to name the baby Isaiah because its hard to spell, like it confuses me every time. How embarrassing would it be to misspell your brothers name?
And Gideon, I don’t know, I just don’t like it. AND GET THIS: I was watching Dr. Quinn today (*NERD ALERT SIRENS!*) and they were thinking of baby names for someone’s baby and guest star June Carter Cash suggested Gideon. DR QUINN DIDN’T LIKE IT!
Just saying….(I personally like Byron, if you don’t get this, congrats, you have escaped nerd status.)
Okay, moving on, mom needs her referral. Seriously. Every time the phone rings she makes a mad dash to answer it. Don’t get in her way, or you’ll get squished.
That video mom was talking about, I think Taylor Swift would be offended.
I am now unofficially the world’s best cosmetologist. Two down, 3 to go. Mom and Rachel were my first victims. Mom’s haircut went pretty well. Rachel’s, um, it looks pretty good, but its a lot shorter than I meant to do, but she AND mom approve. Victory.
Here she is after I attacked her hair with scissors.
IMG_9892                     Beautiful face, right?
That is all I have to say.
PS: In case you were wondering, that picture of me cutting mom’s hair is supposed to be dumb. I don’t have that stupid of a face naturally.

February 22, 2011

OCA Mission Moments from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.

They sat in the studio with an expectant glow as they spoke about their children they had yet to meet, but who they claimed as their very own... 

Josh: "As unbelievers, we are aliens.  We are strangers.  We are separated from God.  But God has come in and adopted us, through Christ, to be in His family."

Jenn: "And we're just so thrilled that our family can be a picture of that to the world!  And just like we would never question our true son-ship to God the Father, it's been an encouragement to us to think about, we really don't have to question whether these kids are our true children... cause they are!"

When Josh and Jenn Philpot felt God's nudging toward adoption they weren't sure where they would get the money.  They received a matching grant through the Orphan Care Alliance (OCA), turning the $6,000 they had raised into $10,000, and making it possible for them to bring home not just one child but two!

OCA is a multi-church alliance in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area.  Adoption funding is just one part of their ministry.  Their many outreaches include recruiting and training foster parents, mentoring local foster children, assistance for local churches in launching orphan ministries, international orphan care, and more!  They are also a part of Lifesong's Outside the Walls Network, which connects churches to serve orphans more powerfully together than they could on their own



February 16, 2011

February 12, 2011

Ack. What a week.

3 weeks of sickness from one person to another. Lysol has been my best friend—except it hasn’t been there for me when I needed it. We all still ended up passing it around.

high fevers. cough. tired. crankiness.

(except mom and dad escaped the high fevers)


I got this book in the mail from a fellow Paperback Swapper. I had seen it at last year’s prayer gathering for IJM and wanted to buy it.

Embracing Your Freedom: A Personal Experience of God's Heart for Justice

I can’t wait to read it.

Right now I am reading this:

Tea with Hezbollah: Sitting at the Enemies Table Our Journey Through the Middle East

I am only chapter 1 but am very intrigued!

On adoption news:  We are very close to the top of the list.  This makes for a momma who jumps every time the house phone rings (the phone the agency calls on first and no one else really uses.) The eldest has decided she is starting a yahoo support group for children of “crazy impatient adopting mommas!”

I was bummed last week sitting at the counter and Rachel tells me that she can quote our scripture: then does so, perfectly. 


The one that has been on our wall in our kitchen since, I think, last summer.

A reminder from God, I believe!

February 9, 2011

New t-shirt!

I just received a new t-shirt in the mail from an organization that I really like!
Check out their website and see all that they do to support adoptive families.  We have been blessed by their ministry to us.
Katelyn’s Fund
If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, email Tammy at tammy@katelynsfund.org.
They are soft blue t-shirt and I really like the design..and if you notice it’s the same verse as on our blog—and one the verse we have chosen to try to live our life by.
They are $25 each.

February 2, 2011

Meet Selita from Zambia

Continuing on with our theme of sponsorship:
Meet Selita.  If you have read my blog for long you know that she is the little girl that stole my hubby’s heart and turned his heart towards adoption.
After coming home from this trip, a group of us decided to start a non-profit to help support this village’s school and help begin programs to help family’s achieve self-sustainment..  You can meet all of us here and see what we are up to! 
You can sponsor a child through our group,  Grassroots Heroes , for just $15 a month! We have sponsored Selita since meeting her and love seeing her grow. 
Here she is from Greg’s trip in November of 2007
And from my trip in May 2008 (yes, she is using her skirt as a bowl for lunch )
  selitat eating IMG_4630
And Greg re-connecting with her in November of 2009
greg and selita
and a picture I received last week January 2011.
Same beautiful face and same beautiful smile.
selita january 2011
if you would like to know more about Grassroots Heroes, how you can sponsor a child, fund a small or large project, or anything else—email me at chrissy@grassrootsheroes.org!
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