February 24, 2011

Craziness at our house

Clyde’s favorite ‘stick’. He’s had it since last year.
It’s a bit too big. But he doesn’t care.
 IMG_9832 IMG_9835
Being on the envelope system and in the midst of adopting will make you do some crazy stuff to save money.
Such as letting your 15 yr old cut and layer your hair. I was feeling fine until she said “oh man!”
One day last week, I came in and found Rachel like this:
They were shooting a video.  Speak Now by Taylor Swift and she was the bride. scary.
We really need our referral soon. Bekah has resorted to dressing our dog in a onesie.

and thoughts from Bekah on life these days:
So, “life these days” is crazy.
First off, I spent a whole dollar (plus tax!) on that onesie for my dog: Bonnie/Doug/Dougie/Duck/Douglas/Duckie/Duckster       What I call her really just depends on the time of day.
Mom, Dad, and I were brainstorming for baby boy names. Mom wants to do a Biblical name. I went to google and typed in Biblical baby names. Mom likes Gideon and Isaiah. I liked Reuben.  (note from mom—I do like Gideon..a good strong name)
Mom told me we cannot name him Reuben because she always thinks of this guy:  (note from mom—I am sure he is a nice guy)
Okay. I don’t want to name the baby Isaiah because its hard to spell, like it confuses me every time. How embarrassing would it be to misspell your brothers name?
And Gideon, I don’t know, I just don’t like it. AND GET THIS: I was watching Dr. Quinn today (*NERD ALERT SIRENS!*) and they were thinking of baby names for someone’s baby and guest star June Carter Cash suggested Gideon. DR QUINN DIDN’T LIKE IT!
Just saying….(I personally like Byron, if you don’t get this, congrats, you have escaped nerd status.)
Okay, moving on, mom needs her referral. Seriously. Every time the phone rings she makes a mad dash to answer it. Don’t get in her way, or you’ll get squished.
That video mom was talking about, I think Taylor Swift would be offended.
I am now unofficially the world’s best cosmetologist. Two down, 3 to go. Mom and Rachel were my first victims. Mom’s haircut went pretty well. Rachel’s, um, it looks pretty good, but its a lot shorter than I meant to do, but she AND mom approve. Victory.
Here she is after I attacked her hair with scissors.
IMG_9892                     Beautiful face, right?
That is all I have to say.
PS: In case you were wondering, that picture of me cutting mom’s hair is supposed to be dumb. I don’t have that stupid of a face naturally.


  1. This post made me laugh the whole way through! I am praying for you guys and your new little one :)

  2. PRAYING it comes sooonnnn!!!!!! :) he he he- did I mention I love your crazy family? Cause I do :)

  3. concerned about Clydes teeth... after carrying that stick around...

    Love your Bekah's ability to style!

    Praying the phone rings with THE referral!!!!

  4. COME ON PHONE!!! RRRRIIIINNNNGGG!!!! Bekah, you have nerves of steal sugar! Cute hair girls!


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