February 2, 2011

Meet Selita from Zambia

Continuing on with our theme of sponsorship:
Meet Selita.  If you have read my blog for long you know that she is the little girl that stole my hubby’s heart and turned his heart towards adoption.
After coming home from this trip, a group of us decided to start a non-profit to help support this village’s school and help begin programs to help family’s achieve self-sustainment..  You can meet all of us here and see what we are up to! 
You can sponsor a child through our group,  Grassroots Heroes , for just $15 a month! We have sponsored Selita since meeting her and love seeing her grow. 
Here she is from Greg’s trip in November of 2007
And from my trip in May 2008 (yes, she is using her skirt as a bowl for lunch )
  selitat eating IMG_4630
And Greg re-connecting with her in November of 2009
greg and selita
and a picture I received last week January 2011.
Same beautiful face and same beautiful smile.
selita january 2011
if you would like to know more about Grassroots Heroes, how you can sponsor a child, fund a small or large project, or anything else—email me at chrissy@grassrootsheroes.org!

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