March 31, 2011

wow! I'm amazed…..

by you!

I have the most generous and giving friends!  across the states!

So far we have raised $355 for  ‘L’ and her children!

I cannot wait until Vincent goes back and begins to help her get her life moving in the right direction!
I promise to keep you updated!

Thank you to each one of you donated to make a difference in this young woman’s family!
L blurred_thumb[1]
This song has been playing in my mind for several days now.  It is so easy to get all grumpy and pessimistic in the world that we live. 

It’s human nature to focus on the bad things and problems we are surrounded by.
It’s easy to see what’s wrong with everyone else and sit in judgment of them—instead of being there for them and trying to maybe even help them.
However—sometimes we just need to “add to the beauty” right where we are at. I heard this song by Sara Groves years back and those 4 words are etched into my mind. 

So let’s choose to add to the beauty instead :)

March 30, 2011

Tortillas and Honduras

Yesterday was Tortilla Tuesday with Lifesong!

 We (or rather I should say I gave Bekah the job because Tuesdays are our crazy running day) fixed tortillas and watched the Lifesong videos about the school Plan Escalon in Honduras.

See the Lifesong blog about it here.

They make some crazy 3,500 tortillas per day at Lifesong Honduras….on 3 stoves!!

We talked as a family and tried to think about how if we were that child up in the mountains of Honduras—with no shoes, not enough clothes or food, no electricity, no school---how amazing it would be to be able to go to Plan Escalon!

The difference it would make it in your life---to give hope for a future!
 IMG_1234  IMG_1239

Well, it's day 10 of our blitz and we have a long way to go  to make our goal.

 We have 40.5 commitments... can we get 59 commitments today?

 It seems impossible... but we know that God can do great things.

We've seen Him do it this week!

We've seen it in people giving their best gifts.

We've seen it in the stories we've received of families eating tortillas in honor of our kids in Honduras. (by the way, we'd love to hear more!  Tell us about your Tortilla Tuesday experience HERE)
We know that God is at work, and pray that He will continue to move today!
Yesterday we talked about the difference Lifesong Honduras is making. 

Today we get to hear a personal testimony of this difference made in one Escalon graduate, Victor Rodas:

The reality is that without your support stories like Victor's... stories like Edgar's and Tania's and Edmund's would cease to exist.

We have till the end of today.  Can we reach our goal?

Contact us at to make your commitments AND tell them we sent you from our blog!

Your donation will be doubled thanks to a gracious giver!

March 29, 2011

loose change to loosen chains

Our co-op class discussed modern day slavery and watched Kumar’s story (a young boy who was a slave in a brick factory) from the dvd We Are Free (click on it to go the IJM store to buy)
we are free dvd
We then made a poster showing Slavery/ Freedom by drawing or writing words…
And we handed out cups to collect change to help rescue those in slavery through IJM.
The program is called Loose Change to Loosen Chains.  You can order the materials here. 

I loved that the kids really took it to heart and was sharing with others about it and how we HAVE to help. 
It’s so simple in a child’s eyes. 
They need help. We can help. We need to do it.

How might the world be different if we kept that mentality?

Loose Change to Loosen Chains from International Justice Mission on Vimeo.

(To read more about IJM and modern day slavery…click the IJM tab on the lower right to be taken to the posts.)

March 28, 2011

waiting for court date

please. please. please.sad kitty 2

Yep, that’s me :)

Remember the whole patience thing?  I STILL stink at it!

March 20, 2011

Vincent is here and a project you can help with!

Who is Vincent? 
Vincent is the project director  for Grassroots Heroes (click the top tab to find more about Grassroots Heroes.) and serves with YWAM.  You can see his website here. 

(Vince was the gentleman who made us aware of the mosquito nets a while back—and purchased them for us. Click here to see that post.)

He serves with his wife, Samantha and 2 beautiful girls in Zambia.  Vincent is passionate about about the people of Grippes Village and his passion is contagious.   

What I love about Vince and his family is that deeply care about the people they serve. They are involved in their daily lives and family.  They want them to become self-sufficient and get to the place where do not need to rely on others or a ministry for their daily needs.

I have enjoyed our time with Vince and our whole family will miss him when he is gone.  I’ve enjoyed hearing his heart and stories about the people he loves. Several stories broke my heart and I wanted to share one with you—because you will have the ability to help!

Meet “L”.  I first heard about her and her children last time that Vincent came to the US.  I was touched and thought about her often.
Let me share a little about her.

Imagine being 19 and having 2 yr old twins, and 4 yr old twins and having no husband. Imagine having lived as an orphan yourself.

Imagine living in someone else’s hut with nothing to call your own. No beds. No stash of food. 

Imagine the only thing of  monetary value that you have is your metal roof that someone previously donated for you because you had none.

Imagine finding out that you will have to move from the place that you live because the government is putting a road through.

Imagine having no food to feed yourself or your children. 

Imagine working hard to make some money and loaning the money to a neighbor to bury their loved one---and that neighbor being gone soon after so there is no chance of getting your money back.

Can you imagine?
Our friend WANTS to work.  She wants to feed her children and know there will be food the next day to feed them as well.  She is determined—but there are no jobs in the community.

However—we can help! 

The short term need is money to help purchase food for her family while she begins the projects to become self-sufficient.

There is also a long term need of helping her begin a business to support herself.

There are 2 job projects that she can do.  Vincent will help her with them and will assist her with the business skills she needs.

Project #1  Charcoal

Buying charcoal in bulk and re-bagging and selling it in the community. This was the business venture she did before and did well.

However—because she was taken advantage of—there is no money for her to buy another bulk bag.  She did very well with this and would like to try it again.

The cost of 2 bags of 90kg would be $40. 

Project #2  Chicken Frying

Our friend would like to obtain the material to buy live chickens, frying pan, oil, and salt.  She would then buy live chickens, slaughter them, fry them and sell them to area ‘pubs’. 

The start up cost for this would be $50. 

$40 or $50 to give her a fresh start—and a step to being self-sufficient and taking care of herself and her children. 

The cost of a tank of gas ----to give hope and dignity to a young woman who wants to work.

Can you help? 

You can donate any amount to help us get L up on her feet.  If 10 of you gave $5 she can begin her road to self-sustainment.

All monies donated through the paypal button below will go to L with the specific purpose of helping her and her children. Email me at with any questions.

Any extra money received above and beyond the project costs will go to feed, clothe and meet the basic needs of her family.  Vincent will oversee and manage this fund.

Vincent will keep us updated on her progress and I will in turn let you know how she is doing!

Thank you for help and above all, your prayers for this young mother.
(more pics to come later!!)

Honduras Blitz from Lifesong

Honduras Blitz from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.

What if every time you gave a dollar to orphans it became one more? 

One more dollar towards food, education, shelter?

One more dollar towards sharing the Gospel and providing Biblical mentorship?

One more dollar towards changing the life of a child?

I love to use this platform to advocate for those in need... and thanks to a generous donor every dollar given to Lifesong Honduras will be matched… up to $120,000!  We praise the Lord for this amazing gift and invite you to be a part of it.

Over the next 10 days we are teaming with Lifesong and are hoping for 100 1-year commitments of $30 a month.  Just think, for about $1 a day a life in Honduras can be forever changed.

Partnering with Tree of Life Missions in Honduras, Lifesong for Orphans is able to work toward providing hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless and healing to the hurting.  TOLM reaches kids through a program called Plan Escalon.  (Escalon is translated "escalator" and is used to describe the children's escalator out of poverty/brokenness.) 
Through this program we strive toward:
  • Providing an education to the poorest of youth
  • Providing food to the poorest of youth
  • Providing vocational training & micro-business opportunities
  • Providing free medical and dental clinics to those in need
  • Training young people to give back to their communities
  • Reaching people in the jungles of the Mosquito Coast 
Stay tuned for stories, personal testimonies, and fun ways to spread awareness and instill a heart of giving in your kids!

Our goal is:
Will you help us?  100 commitments in ten days is no small feat, but with God it is possible.  We have seen Him move mightily in His people to serve orphans and we pray that this ten weeks will be a testimony of that!  Together we can make a difference in the lives of these kids!  Together we can do more to bring joy and purpose to orphans!

Contact Lifesong at to make your commitment AND be sure to tell them that we sent you from our blog!

Hear personal stories & follow the progress on our blog all this week!

Check back often to hear personal stories and get updates on the progress.  Please join us in prayer as we ask the Lord to raise up 100 commitments!

March 14, 2011

Waiting Children with IAN

Boy age 2   Now has a family!!!
A cute little boy with a round face.  He came into care malnourished and will need some extra love! :)
Boy age 8
A happy friendly little guy who is described as calm and kind. He enjoys playing soccer.
Boy age 9
A young man who stays out of trouble and plays well with others. Loves to play with his cars.
Boy age 10
He is mellow,very gentle and sweet boy!  He gets along very well with others and is happy.
If you are interested in learning more about any of these precious boys-- please contact Cat at

March 9, 2011

I will still praise Him!

I was having a pity party for myself tonight and felt the Lord calling me to Him-
to worship, to cry out, to be still.
Here are some of the songs that I listened to that encouraged my heart and inspired my worship time.
Hope they do the same for you. 
No matter what—Our God is good!

A Father’s Heart

I begin this Lent season with a heavy heart burdened for my son whom I have not yet met.  Longing to meet him and concerned with possible changes in the government.
Wishing I could talk with leaders and make them understand how this could affect our son, others like him and the families who are waiting for their children
Wishing they could understand how much I love him already.  Wishing they could understand the sacrifices we have made and are willing to make for his welfare and to give him life and a future. Wishing they could understand the sacrifices his birth family have made to give him hope and life.
As I sit here contemplating/praying this on this rainy Wednesday morning—I heard my Father say “I understand.”
How He must have felt the same as He walked this earth.  Longing for us to understand how much He loved us.  Wishing we understood the depth of the sacrifice He had made and was going to make.  Wanting us to know  that He offered LIFE and HOPE.
As we have walked through many things this past year and have been through the Refiner’s fire a bit (admittedly, sometimes I have been kicking and screaming through it.)
I can say—that through it all I have been given bigger glimpses of our Father’s heart—and it’s a beautiful thing.

March 8, 2011

Packin’ Taters!

Restoring Hope Virginia!
Restoring Hope’s first project!
002          044       
We had our first project last night at the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. We had 9 adults, 2 teens, and 6 children.
Our goal was to pack as many potatoes as we could from 50lb bags to 5lb bags. These bags will then go on the mobile food pantry  on Wednesday that helps under-served areas.
How does this help people?
1) items can be bought much cheaper if purchased bulk. This then enables more food to be bought with donor’s gifts. If this is done each time—it enables up to 1 more TRUCKLOAD per month be purchased!!
2) A lot of the pantries are staffed by retired people who struggle to lift 50lb bags and then have to bag it out themselves.  This will help those volunteers by having the food already bagged and in manageable weights for them.
We had a great time on our trial run. The fun thing about it is that it easy to talk while bagging so we had some great fellowship as well.
We bagged 680 5lb bags of potatoes!  The kids were super helpers as well.
The best part was when one of our adults asked “When do we come back?”
At the end we prayed for the families that these bags would go to and asked for God to meet their needs.
Is this something that you would be interested in doing? 
A group can possibly be scheduled to come in and work during the day. If it’s a group with kids—we would have to look at a special time in the evening as kids aren’t allowed in the warehouse during the day due to safety issues.
If you’d like to join us in this project, email me
LOTS of potatoes went through these hands!
Our bag counters! :)

March 3, 2011

We are in love!!

With a 6 month old baby boy! 
blog announcement
We are so excited and are enjoying looking at his photos and wondering about him!
We received the call Monday morning. I freaked out and stared at the phone until it went to voice mail! Called back with shaky hands and voice and it was it!!  THE CALL!

(shout out to my coordinator whom I love!!)

My 10 yr old told me in the midst of it “Mom, you are scaring me!” lol.
The 15 yr old asked if this means she can skip geometry (coordinator said yes)
Ab said “you are going to have 2 adopted boys!”
Josh just looked at us all like we had gone off the deep end.
Finally got hold of the hubby who dared to be in a meeting at work and told him. Our plan was to wait until we were together to look at the pics but that flew out the window!
We officially accepted on Tuesday after praying and talking to our pediatrician.

I so wish I could show you his picture because he is adorable!  Trust me, he is!!  If you see me in person, don’t worry, I will have pictures!

So…what’s next?
We wait for our court date. We will then go and stand before the judge and make our intentions known to adopt this child and answer any questions she has. We then wait to pass court.  This happens when all paperwork is there and okay.  We could pass while in country or have to wait until when we are back home and receive a phone call that we have passed.

We would then come back home and wait for an Embassy Appt. to obtain a visa. They do not give this out until they check everything out and it is all okay.  Once we get that appointment, we can go back and pick him up and bring him to our home!

How can you pray? 
Please pray that he remains healthy—in body, mind, and soul.
Please pray for the staff  in Ethiopia that cares for him.
Please pray for the Ethiopian staff that handles paperwork in country.
Please pray for the staff stateside as they handle me and my endless questions. :)
Please pray that all paperwork is in order and correct.
Please pray that we get a court date as fast as can be.
Please pray for our whole process—that it will be smooth and problem free.
Please pray for us as a family as we prepare to welcome this little one.

And Praise God for a beautiful little boy that we will have the privilege to call son!
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