March 29, 2011

loose change to loosen chains

Our co-op class discussed modern day slavery and watched Kumar’s story (a young boy who was a slave in a brick factory) from the dvd We Are Free (click on it to go the IJM store to buy)
we are free dvd
We then made a poster showing Slavery/ Freedom by drawing or writing words…
And we handed out cups to collect change to help rescue those in slavery through IJM.
The program is called Loose Change to Loosen Chains.  You can order the materials here. 

I loved that the kids really took it to heart and was sharing with others about it and how we HAVE to help. 
It’s so simple in a child’s eyes. 
They need help. We can help. We need to do it.

How might the world be different if we kept that mentality?

Loose Change to Loosen Chains from International Justice Mission on Vimeo.

(To read more about IJM and modern day slavery…click the IJM tab on the lower right to be taken to the posts.)


  1. Hi! I'm really interested in this and have been trying to look into it. I am stuck on where to send the money for the organization after you raise it. Could you tell me where you sent yours? Maybe leave me a link or something? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! :0)

  2. Hey Ashley. This is a really neat organization and a great fundraiser. You can order the kit here (it's free ) that comes with the cups to use. Use this link:

    And you can send the money to International Justice Mission. Their contact info is on

    Let me know if you need any other help!


  3. Hi..I'm writing a persuasive speech on modern day slavery and my third main point is how college students can help and my main point is Loose Change to Loosen Chains but I'm not starting a campaign, I just want to collect money and send it there a place i can send it to? And tell everyone else to send their money there too?

  4. Hi! Yes you can...That's a wonderfu persuasive speech topic! :) let me know how it goes!
    Their website is and the address to send it to is:
    International Justice Mission
    PO Box 58147
    Washington, DC 20037

    You can also give online here


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