March 30, 2011

Tortillas and Honduras

Yesterday was Tortilla Tuesday with Lifesong!

 We (or rather I should say I gave Bekah the job because Tuesdays are our crazy running day) fixed tortillas and watched the Lifesong videos about the school Plan Escalon in Honduras.

See the Lifesong blog about it here.

They make some crazy 3,500 tortillas per day at Lifesong Honduras….on 3 stoves!!

We talked as a family and tried to think about how if we were that child up in the mountains of Honduras—with no shoes, not enough clothes or food, no electricity, no school---how amazing it would be to be able to go to Plan Escalon!

The difference it would make it in your life---to give hope for a future!
 IMG_1234  IMG_1239

Well, it's day 10 of our blitz and we have a long way to go  to make our goal.

 We have 40.5 commitments... can we get 59 commitments today?

 It seems impossible... but we know that God can do great things.

We've seen Him do it this week!

We've seen it in people giving their best gifts.

We've seen it in the stories we've received of families eating tortillas in honor of our kids in Honduras. (by the way, we'd love to hear more!  Tell us about your Tortilla Tuesday experience HERE)
We know that God is at work, and pray that He will continue to move today!
Yesterday we talked about the difference Lifesong Honduras is making. 

Today we get to hear a personal testimony of this difference made in one Escalon graduate, Victor Rodas:

The reality is that without your support stories like Victor's... stories like Edgar's and Tania's and Edmund's would cease to exist.

We have till the end of today.  Can we reach our goal?

Contact us at to make your commitments AND tell them we sent you from our blog!

Your donation will be doubled thanks to a gracious giver!

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