March 20, 2011

Vincent is here and a project you can help with!

Who is Vincent? 
Vincent is the project director  for Grassroots Heroes (click the top tab to find more about Grassroots Heroes.) and serves with YWAM.  You can see his website here. 

(Vince was the gentleman who made us aware of the mosquito nets a while back—and purchased them for us. Click here to see that post.)

He serves with his wife, Samantha and 2 beautiful girls in Zambia.  Vincent is passionate about about the people of Grippes Village and his passion is contagious.   

What I love about Vince and his family is that deeply care about the people they serve. They are involved in their daily lives and family.  They want them to become self-sufficient and get to the place where do not need to rely on others or a ministry for their daily needs.

I have enjoyed our time with Vince and our whole family will miss him when he is gone.  I’ve enjoyed hearing his heart and stories about the people he loves. Several stories broke my heart and I wanted to share one with you—because you will have the ability to help!

Meet “L”.  I first heard about her and her children last time that Vincent came to the US.  I was touched and thought about her often.
Let me share a little about her.

Imagine being 19 and having 2 yr old twins, and 4 yr old twins and having no husband. Imagine having lived as an orphan yourself.

Imagine living in someone else’s hut with nothing to call your own. No beds. No stash of food. 

Imagine the only thing of  monetary value that you have is your metal roof that someone previously donated for you because you had none.

Imagine finding out that you will have to move from the place that you live because the government is putting a road through.

Imagine having no food to feed yourself or your children. 

Imagine working hard to make some money and loaning the money to a neighbor to bury their loved one---and that neighbor being gone soon after so there is no chance of getting your money back.

Can you imagine?
Our friend WANTS to work.  She wants to feed her children and know there will be food the next day to feed them as well.  She is determined—but there are no jobs in the community.

However—we can help! 

The short term need is money to help purchase food for her family while she begins the projects to become self-sufficient.

There is also a long term need of helping her begin a business to support herself.

There are 2 job projects that she can do.  Vincent will help her with them and will assist her with the business skills she needs.

Project #1  Charcoal

Buying charcoal in bulk and re-bagging and selling it in the community. This was the business venture she did before and did well.

However—because she was taken advantage of—there is no money for her to buy another bulk bag.  She did very well with this and would like to try it again.

The cost of 2 bags of 90kg would be $40. 

Project #2  Chicken Frying

Our friend would like to obtain the material to buy live chickens, frying pan, oil, and salt.  She would then buy live chickens, slaughter them, fry them and sell them to area ‘pubs’. 

The start up cost for this would be $50. 

$40 or $50 to give her a fresh start—and a step to being self-sufficient and taking care of herself and her children. 

The cost of a tank of gas ----to give hope and dignity to a young woman who wants to work.

Can you help? 

You can donate any amount to help us get L up on her feet.  If 10 of you gave $5 she can begin her road to self-sustainment.

All monies donated through the paypal button below will go to L with the specific purpose of helping her and her children. Email me at with any questions.

Any extra money received above and beyond the project costs will go to feed, clothe and meet the basic needs of her family.  Vincent will oversee and manage this fund.

Vincent will keep us updated on her progress and I will in turn let you know how she is doing!

Thank you for help and above all, your prayers for this young mother.
(more pics to come later!!)

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