March 31, 2011

wow! I'm amazed…..

by you!

I have the most generous and giving friends!  across the states!

So far we have raised $355 for  ‘L’ and her children!

I cannot wait until Vincent goes back and begins to help her get her life moving in the right direction!
I promise to keep you updated!

Thank you to each one of you donated to make a difference in this young woman’s family!
L blurred_thumb[1]
This song has been playing in my mind for several days now.  It is so easy to get all grumpy and pessimistic in the world that we live. 

It’s human nature to focus on the bad things and problems we are surrounded by.
It’s easy to see what’s wrong with everyone else and sit in judgment of them—instead of being there for them and trying to maybe even help them.
However—sometimes we just need to “add to the beauty” right where we are at. I heard this song by Sara Groves years back and those 4 words are etched into my mind. 

So let’s choose to add to the beauty instead :)

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