April 28, 2011

being encouraged while waiting

Still waiting on our court date.  I will admit (those who are friends with me will nod in agreement) that I have been struggling.

My timeline, the government’s timeline, and God’s timeline are not at all matching up.  We are more than 8 weeks waiting for our court date.  Longer than the norm and no reasons as to why the delay.  It frustrates me…and makes my heart hurt. I play out scenarios and timelines in my head and get anxious and worried.
I obsess at home and realize I’ve missed enjoying my day, my kids, and my life here and now.  That’s not good.

I’ve ate more chocolate and watched more episodes of Dr. Quinn and The Waltons than I would have thought possible in the span of a couple of months.
That’s not good either—the waistline is increasing! :)
Several things have encouraged me today.

1) a friend posted this verse:
“Wait for the Lord; be strong, take heart and wait for the Lord"  Psalm 27:14
It’s now written on my blackboard in the kitchen!

2) another friend sent me an email about running the race with patience.
 Hebrews 12:1, "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us." 

3) I read this post at It’s Almost Naptime

4) The book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and this post by her today:

And my heart was encouraged by many notes and words of encouragement by friends.  I am so thankful for them. 

I joked that God sends me His word to me in multiple ways during the day because I am so thick-headed..and because He is so very patient with me.

I totally feel like I am behaving like an Israelite in the desert—whining and wanting to go back to Egypt. 
Complaining about manna, being scared to go into the Promised Land.

And then I remember the ways He has encouraged me and shown His love for me.

Like here. The Next Journey

and here. Milk Duds, Penguins, & Coffee

I was feeling discouraged last week and God sent my own testimony back to me  by the way of Katelyn’s Fund newsletter. A testimony I had written about God’s timing, provision and trusting in that!  I think that God smiled while He did that. :)

I have seen actual miracles occur---before my own eyes

I look at this face (with his ‘cool’ smile)
and yet I still doubt His love and faithfulness.

Lord— in the words of Your disciples, “Increase our faith!”

April 26, 2011

few of my favorite things

My basket from Korah—made by Juddah’s mom. Check out who they are here.
  IMG_0440 IMG_0444
The soft quilt Bekah made for our boy. Can’t wait to wrap him in it.
When Bekah colors her hair purple and walks around with foil on her head.
Clyde riding in the truck. He gets so excited and then ‘guards’ it.  It is his truck—or at least he thinks so.
Watching these two play together. 

April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

coloring eggs
IMG_0410 IMG_0427
The picture Ab drew on our new chalkboard on the kitchen wall (one of the ‘keep me busy or I will go nuts waiting for the phone to ring’ projects)
I love it. He remembers so many details and takes God very seriously.
Easter morning we woke the kids up by going in each room and playing “Up from the Grave He Arose!”  That was fun. The kids didn’t think it was fun.
IMG_0475 IMG_0476
Bekah has been wanting some Wisps for a while…and they showed up in her basket :)
  IMG_0479 IMG_0480
Church and then off to Grandma’s for dinner and Easter Egg hunt.
Ab and I made some himbasha :) and he has now begun the ‘cool’ smile.  We laugh because Josh had the same exact smile at this age.
But…first Ab found an Easter egg from last year!! That’s right..and wanted to eat the candy. Yuck.
same smile…
The hunt begins. Game on.
IMG_1500 IMG_1502 
Can you hear the victorious laugh?
Fighting over an egg that was not in the bush. Um…girls, it’s behind you!
IMG_1562 IMG_1564 IMG_1570
Let’s take some pictures…
the ‘awkward in the tree’ pose
trying to figure how to stand and then it all goes downhill
IMG_1593  IMG_1598
 IMG_1601 IMG_1603
Finally..a nice one.
IMG_1590 IMG_1620 IMG_1622  IMG_1638 IMG_1657 IMG_1658  IMG_1662
Then…while us adults fellowshipped on the porch, they ended up playing Blackjack and ‘betting’ candy. I am so ashamed.
and..some fruit got added in.
Happy Easter. I’m so thankful for the life this day brings.

multitudes on monday 32-48

32) the 6 frogs in my pond
33) Vince and Samantha Luwizhi—and their compassion for others
34) soccer practices in warm weather and friends to walk around the field with
35) watching my boys play the game they love
36) friends who understand my hurts and disappointments
37) my awesome daughter, Bekah  (written by Bekah)
38) Cadbury eggs
39) Easter morning! He is ALIVE!
40) Easter egg hunts on a nice day
41) intense diving for eggs
42) family
43) much laughter and silliness
44) Mondays—which means hope for the week!
45) watching Oceans last night and being amazed at God’s creation—once again
46) Greg calling and suggesting a night out just when I needed it
47) watching a tree house being built
48) searching and finding morels for Greg to eat

April 21, 2011

asking for prayer

My eldest keeps telling me I need to blog…and I need too..but all I keep coming up with is..
Can you pray for me? for my heart, my patience, my faith, and my little one--an ocean away.

April 19, 2011

Volunteer Farm

The day started out early and we anticipated that we wouldn’t be planting potatoes due to the torrential amount of rain over the weekend.
(one of the bridges we crossed over on the way there)
We were eager to work though! 
So what did we do? Cleared the field of rocks!  Lots of rocks!
While this may seem like a small job—it is very valuable.
better soil = better growth = more produce = more people being fed
The rocks also tear up the machinery which also slows things down
Here are some pictures from the day!
IMG_0348 IMG_0349      IMG_0293   IMG_0314 IMG_0316 IMG_0317 IMG_0318 IMG_0319 IMG_0323 IMG_0330
A “ find the biggest rock contest” started.
The girls found a big one—but couldn’t get it out.
I was very proud of all the kids—they worked hard and didn’t complain.  It was hard work!
If you’d like to know more about our group..
go to http://www.restoringhopeva.blogspot.com/!
We’d love to have you join us!
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