April 26, 2011

few of my favorite things

My basket from Korah—made by Juddah’s mom. Check out who they are here.
  IMG_0440 IMG_0444
The soft quilt Bekah made for our boy. Can’t wait to wrap him in it.
When Bekah colors her hair purple and walks around with foil on her head.
Clyde riding in the truck. He gets so excited and then ‘guards’ it.  It is his truck—or at least he thinks so.
Watching these two play together. 

1 comment:

  1. what a blessing to see your Juddah's Mustard seed basket listed as one of your favorite things! Just the thought that these were so lovingly made on the other side of the world by a woman that has no idea how treasured these are and what they represent to us shows me once again just how big our God is.... Thanks again for supporting Juddah's family and treasuring the little part of the world called KORAH!


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