April 12, 2011

IJM’s Global Prayer Gathering Review

To watch the online videos, prayer resources, and download the booklet from Saturday—go here  The booklet has the specific prayer requests from each room in it for you to see and pray for.
We headed up to DC after a half day of our homeschool co-op and feeling very grateful for the friends that watched our kids for us. (and dogs—I have really good friends)
We changed into some fancier clothes for dinner and went down to ‘mingle’. Note: I STINK at mingling at events such as these.  I am fine once we get a table—and enjoy that part but do not enjoy the first part.
Greg met his roommate from advocacy training in November and we decided to meet for dinner together. 
Then we also were able to meet our friend from last year who is Director of Missional Living (my dream job!) at a church near Nashville.
It is so nice to meet friends from event before..you immediately connect again sharing the same heart for justice.
At our table was the Director of International Church Mobilization.  It was very interesting to talk to him and hear how felt the church globally was doing in the countries IJM works in. I also met a sweet girl in law school from Washington state.
The message Friday night centered on being patience. (I thought to myself—thanks Lord---He knows I needed that as well!)  Patience in the work of justice, patience as a characteristic of God, and the patience God calls us too. 
We also discussed reality.  What reality is even if we choose not to see it or don’t know it and the reality of our God and His power.
And we laughed. It’s so good to have laughter mixed in the midst of heavy stuff.
We then had some awesome worship with Lamont Hiebert who is with Ten Shekel Shirt group and is a co-founder of Love 146.
Saturday Morning
First we met for worship, reflection, and prayer and heard from some IJM staff.  We then went to specific location prayer rooms. In each room we heard updates from prayer requests last year (many praises!) and then were given specific requests.
We first headed off to Guatemala.  In this room there were stations set up focused on different areas of the work in Guatemala. You prayed at each station with others and then a scripture was read and you switched station. At my last station (restoration) a sweet young man prayed for the spouses of the young girls that they would eventually marry.  A earnest prayer that touched my soul.
We were given a matchbox made in Guatemala to remind us to pray and the fire of justice would continue to grow in Guatemala.
We then headed off to Zambia.
Here we gathered in a group of 4 people and prayed for specific requests as they were voiced. Praise for answered prayers from last year.  We met a sweet girl who had came down with a group from Canada.
We were given these animal ornaments that were made by orphans in Zambia to remind us to pray.
Then we grabbed a quick lunch and came back and headed to the Bolivia room.  This room also had specific stations with pictures of staff and children on the walls that you went around and prayed for.  Bolivia’s case focus are sexual crimes against children.  
Our prayer reminder here was knitted finger puppets.
At this point I had a terrible migraine (I never get those!) and went to lay down for a bit. Greg headed to the Chennai, India room to pray.
This is one of my favorite prayer reminders. It’s a placemat but I am going to hang it on the wall. It features a rice mill where a rescue was done.
Greg then headed to the Cebu, Philippines room. While in there, the director was getting messages that a raid was going down in a brothel in Cebu. 146 women and girls were rescued! 146 women who will be given a chance for restoration and given hope.
This prayer reminder is  also one of my favorites.  Read the tag below.
IMG_0190  IMG_0191
We then had dinner out and met back that night for evening worship and prayer together as a whole after hearing from field directors. I am always amazed at the sacrifice the IJM families make on behalf of others.
Again..heavy stuff but also many praises of answered prayer and laughter.
We then met Sunday morning for more worship and prayer and communion.  The announcement was made of the 146 rescued the day before and the whole room erupted in praise and thanks!  A very neat moment.
My headache had came back so we slipped out early—which ended up being a good thing as the one of the kids wasn’t feeling good so we were able to get home a bit earlier.
It was a great weekend. I encourage those who have a heart for justice to attend some time. It’s a great time of focusing and fellowshipping with others of like mindedness.
Check out IJM at www.ijm.org

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