April 25, 2011

multitudes on monday 32-48

32) the 6 frogs in my pond
33) Vince and Samantha Luwizhi—and their compassion for others
34) soccer practices in warm weather and friends to walk around the field with
35) watching my boys play the game they love
36) friends who understand my hurts and disappointments
37) my awesome daughter, Bekah  (written by Bekah)
38) Cadbury eggs
39) Easter morning! He is ALIVE!
40) Easter egg hunts on a nice day
41) intense diving for eggs
42) family
43) much laughter and silliness
44) Mondays—which means hope for the week!
45) watching Oceans last night and being amazed at God’s creation—once again
46) Greg calling and suggesting a night out just when I needed it
47) watching a tree house being built
48) searching and finding morels for Greg to eat

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