April 11, 2011

multitudes on monday

How was I blessed this past week?
14) a caseworker who let me vent and pour out my concerns, fears, and frustrations.
15) my daughter, Rachel, putting her saved $20 in the Loose Change to Loosen Chains cup. She was saving up for an American Girl doll (was at $40) and decided this was more important.  She did this without even telling me.  Be.still.my.heart.
16) a weekend with 1,000 people at IJM’s global prayer gathering.
17) hearing this about my son: I gave him lots of hugs and cuddles almost every day.  He is a very good sleeper and loves to snuggle with the nannies.  He is nice and chunky and growing more and more every day.  All the babies have fun rolling around on the floor and chatting baby babble to each other. 
18) meeting up with friends from last year GPG’s and picking up where we left off.
19) meeting new friends.
20) hearing someone pray fervently in Burmese for the people of the Philippines
21) rejoicing on  Saturday that 146 girls and women were rescued in the Philippines!
22) friends that I can leave my kids with and not worry about them
23) learning that God is the maker of the Sombrero Galaxy
24) friends, family and God that love me in spite of myself.


  1. Loved your list, and rejoicing with you over #21. I have a huge heart to see freedom come to those enslaved in human trafficking.


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