May 19, 2011

waiting sisters

"E and Y"
These beautiful sisters (age 6 and 8)  are from the Sidama region of Ethiopia.  They have been at our care center since the beginning of March.  They are both quiet and very sweet.  They are social and love playing with the other young girls at the care center.  They are close to each other and often spend time playing together. 

In the three weeks Liz spent at the care center with the girls, she saw their personalities start to open up and they started learning the alphabet, and English words for body parts.  They are very quick learners and eager to come home to their forever family!

One adoptive family that recently visited had these kind words to say about these girls, "The most adorable girls ever!!  It took a day or two to get some real smiles out of these girls but when they decided they could open up to us - they were soooooo very sweet! Absolutely beautiful!  Anyone would be blessed to call these girls their daughters!"

If you would like more information, please email

beach time: a walk down memory lane

We are headed off to the beach soon.  We haven’t been back to this one since Ab had just came home—almost 3 years ago.

A walk down memory lane--Abenezer had been home about 2 months in this video.

I miss that little accent :)  When I look at these I am amazed at how much he has grown and learned.

A huge blessing to our lives.

May 17, 2011

Wow! You guys rock!

I am blown away by the outpouring of love and generosity for Thomas!
We have raised $212 with one time donations and one precious friend who has sponsored Thomas for 2 years!!
Thank you friends across the states. I am just in awe of how God moved on your hearts to help this young man that you have never met.  Please know that I appreciate it and am blessed by it.  You are making a HUGE difference in the life of a young man.
I am also so thankful for Vincent who will come beside him and help him put his life on a good course. Vincent will manage the funds for Thomas to make sure that he gets what is needed and best.
If any of you have a desire to send Thomas a word of encouragement—you can email it to me at or if you want it to be handwritten—email me for my address to send it to.
Please be in prayer for Thomas—that he will make good choices and that he will know God’s love and faithfulness down deep in his soul. 
Now…some pictures of the village that Thomas lives in.
The white building in the above picture is the current location of Mango Grove school. This is the school Grassroots Heroes supports with a sponsorship program for students.  We are in process of moving it and building a new one. (Thomas goes to a different school now as this one does not go to 9th grade) zambia greg 2009 261  A broad view of part of  the village
zambia greg 2009 270
Kids playing on the play pump.
zambia greg 2009 276    
A little view into his world. A village filled with beautiful people.
Thank you so much!!

May 16, 2011

Meet Thomas

I received an email from Vince last week sharing the needs and story of Thomas.
Thomas is a double orphan and is in 9th grade.  He has no one helping to care for him or looking after him.
He has been working hard in school and 9th grade is very important in Zambia. It literally decides your future.
Vince would like to help Thomas start a small business so that he can have the funds to feed himself and take care of his own needs.
This is the center of our heart—to help people’s immediate needs and make a plan to help them support themselves so they don’t have to rely on handouts forever. To give them hope, dignity, and life.
Immediate Need: Food
Food per month he would need K150.000 ($32 US  per month)
Self-Sustaining Need:
Start up capital for a vegetable garden will be K300.000 ($63 US)
Can you help out and give a young man hope for the future?
Every little bit given adds up and together we can make a difference in this young man’s life so that he doesn’t become another sad statistic.
If so, go to and click on the left to donate.  Just make sure to put Thomas’ needs in the comment section.  You can also send me an email at
For those that contribute—we will keep you updated on Thomas’ story so you can see your gift at work!

May 13, 2011

Update on our friend L in Zambia

I realized today that I haven’t given you an update on our friend!
We received enough money to start up both businesses for her and to provide for some immediate needs such as food for her and the 4 children.  Below is a picture of her with the first start of the chicken frying business. 
I am thankful for Vince who is helping her to manage her funds and I am thankful for those of you who donated to help her!
I am always amazed at how so little money from us can make a HUGE difference in the lives of others.  Especially when we combine our resources together!
Thank you again!!
Be on the lookout for a post about a young man that you will also have the opportunity to help!

May 12, 2011

This video makes my heart full. I am so thankful for those love Ethiopia and her people. I can't wait to be there again--soon!!

The City of Addis - A short documentary from Session 7 Media on Vimeo.

May 9, 2011

multitudes on monday 58-70


I am grateful for:

58. a wonderful mother’s day with 4 precious children and 1 more waiting that I long to hold.

59. the feeling of dirt under my fingernails while working in a garden.

60. homemade mashed potatoes

61. friends who sacrifice for our family

62. fresh cut grass

63. grace upon grace upon grace

64. music that feeds my soul

65. listening to my daughter play beautiful music

66. a car that can be dented with a baseball.

67. hearing the laughter of 8 giggly girls.

68. soccer coaches that teach much more important lessons than ball handling.

69. a son that gets that lesson in his heart.

70.  A donation of $200 worth of meds at cost from a friend for our son’s care center.

May 4, 2011

Court date!

Most of you know by now that we did receive our court date Friday!

Right in the middle of our co-op meeting! I saw our agency’s phone number –heart started beating wildly and I answered with “please tell me you have good news” and she did!

We are so excited to meet our son and we’ll be there in about a month!

I told the kids asap and here are the responses:
Rachel: “Yea—are you going to be happy now?”  Yea..she’s seen ALOT of tears.

Bekah: “ I knew it was coming today because you didn’t think it would”  smarty pants—but it’s true.
 Even told my coordinator so after she told me it could. Yes. One of my finer moments.

Ab: “ I wondered why you are all wound up like a wildcat” I have no idea where that came from.

Josh: “yea”  those of you who know my son know that he is a man of many words!

We have a CRAZY month coming up and I know it will fly by.
I am so stinkin excited to get my hands on that boy and to be back in Ethiopia again. can you pray?  Please pray that all of our paperwork will be in order and that all details will go smoothly.  That our recommendation letter will be there and we will hear the wonderful words of “congratulations” from the judge while we are there.

We have a wonderful God-ordained travel group and I am also excited to meet each one of them!!

Also..if you’d like to help with donations for our son's care center—Here are things we are looking to help take.  You can also donate through paypal below:

  • Diapers –disposable and clothwipes
  • powdered formula
  • cloth diaper covers
  • vitamin D liquid for children
  • multi vitamins for children
  • Multivitamin syrup (poly-vi-sol)
  • diaper rash cream
  • baby lotion
  • anti-fungal cream
  • baby clothes---in good condition
  • pedialyte powder
  • bumper pads for cribs
And one last thing…my baby girl turned 11 today. So hard to believe. one of my favorite pictures after she helped herself to some lipstick--


I miss that baby face and her falling down—jumping up and yelling “I’m otay..I’m otay”

Happy Birthday little blessing.

All those people who told me to enjoy them little because it goes by so fast??  They were right.

May 2, 2011

multitudes on monday 49-57

49) the way the earth looks after a hard rain and the sun comes out…beautiful
50) being safe during a tornado warning
51) encouraging friends that know when to encourage and when to give me a kick in the pants
52) the 4lb peanut butter jar. Tribal sized
53) new pictures of my boy-- with his game face on.
54) A COURT DATE!! so thankful to have a date! in 34 days we will be headed to meet our boy!
55) a special friend who continually give me donations for our son’s orphanage.
56) warm sunny weather
57) a little girl turning 11 (can’t believe it!)
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