May 4, 2011

Court date!

Most of you know by now that we did receive our court date Friday!

Right in the middle of our co-op meeting! I saw our agency’s phone number –heart started beating wildly and I answered with “please tell me you have good news” and she did!

We are so excited to meet our son and we’ll be there in about a month!

I told the kids asap and here are the responses:
Rachel: “Yea—are you going to be happy now?”  Yea..she’s seen ALOT of tears.

Bekah: “ I knew it was coming today because you didn’t think it would”  smarty pants—but it’s true.
 Even told my coordinator so after she told me it could. Yes. One of my finer moments.

Ab: “ I wondered why you are all wound up like a wildcat” I have no idea where that came from.

Josh: “yea”  those of you who know my son know that he is a man of many words!

We have a CRAZY month coming up and I know it will fly by.
I am so stinkin excited to get my hands on that boy and to be back in Ethiopia again. can you pray?  Please pray that all of our paperwork will be in order and that all details will go smoothly.  That our recommendation letter will be there and we will hear the wonderful words of “congratulations” from the judge while we are there.

We have a wonderful God-ordained travel group and I am also excited to meet each one of them!!

Also..if you’d like to help with donations for our son's care center—Here are things we are looking to help take.  You can also donate through paypal below:

  • Diapers –disposable and clothwipes
  • powdered formula
  • cloth diaper covers
  • vitamin D liquid for children
  • multi vitamins for children
  • Multivitamin syrup (poly-vi-sol)
  • diaper rash cream
  • baby lotion
  • anti-fungal cream
  • baby clothes---in good condition
  • pedialyte powder
  • bumper pads for cribs
And one last thing…my baby girl turned 11 today. So hard to believe. one of my favorite pictures after she helped herself to some lipstick--


I miss that baby face and her falling down—jumping up and yelling “I’m otay..I’m otay”

Happy Birthday little blessing.

All those people who told me to enjoy them little because it goes by so fast??  They were right.


  1. WooHoo! Wonderful news on the court date! We'll be praying that everything goes very smoothly while you're there, and that you'll pass court.


  2. Congratulations! Will be praying everything falls into place.


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