May 16, 2011

Meet Thomas

I received an email from Vince last week sharing the needs and story of Thomas.
Thomas is a double orphan and is in 9th grade.  He has no one helping to care for him or looking after him.
He has been working hard in school and 9th grade is very important in Zambia. It literally decides your future.
Vince would like to help Thomas start a small business so that he can have the funds to feed himself and take care of his own needs.
This is the center of our heart—to help people’s immediate needs and make a plan to help them support themselves so they don’t have to rely on handouts forever. To give them hope, dignity, and life.
Immediate Need: Food
Food per month he would need K150.000 ($32 US  per month)
Self-Sustaining Need:
Start up capital for a vegetable garden will be K300.000 ($63 US)
Can you help out and give a young man hope for the future?
Every little bit given adds up and together we can make a difference in this young man’s life so that he doesn’t become another sad statistic.
If so, go to and click on the left to donate.  Just make sure to put Thomas’ needs in the comment section.  You can also send me an email at
For those that contribute—we will keep you updated on Thomas’ story so you can see your gift at work!

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