May 2, 2011

multitudes on monday 49-57

49) the way the earth looks after a hard rain and the sun comes out…beautiful
50) being safe during a tornado warning
51) encouraging friends that know when to encourage and when to give me a kick in the pants
52) the 4lb peanut butter jar. Tribal sized
53) new pictures of my boy-- with his game face on.
54) A COURT DATE!! so thankful to have a date! in 34 days we will be headed to meet our boy!
55) a special friend who continually give me donations for our son’s orphanage.
56) warm sunny weather
57) a little girl turning 11 (can’t believe it!)


  1. I forgot all about multitudes on Mondays! I have to start doing this too! I LOVE your list! there was an opening for devotions this Friday and I offered to do it... So gonna share from One Thousand Gifts! And one of my experiences .... How God changed my attitude in minutes!

  2. Thankful you received your court date! Woo Hoo!


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