May 9, 2011

multitudes on monday 58-70


I am grateful for:

58. a wonderful mother’s day with 4 precious children and 1 more waiting that I long to hold.

59. the feeling of dirt under my fingernails while working in a garden.

60. homemade mashed potatoes

61. friends who sacrifice for our family

62. fresh cut grass

63. grace upon grace upon grace

64. music that feeds my soul

65. listening to my daughter play beautiful music

66. a car that can be dented with a baseball.

67. hearing the laughter of 8 giggly girls.

68. soccer coaches that teach much more important lessons than ball handling.

69. a son that gets that lesson in his heart.

70.  A donation of $200 worth of meds at cost from a friend for our son’s care center.

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