May 19, 2011

waiting sisters

"E and Y"
These beautiful sisters (age 6 and 8)  are from the Sidama region of Ethiopia.  They have been at our care center since the beginning of March.  They are both quiet and very sweet.  They are social and love playing with the other young girls at the care center.  They are close to each other and often spend time playing together. 

In the three weeks Liz spent at the care center with the girls, she saw their personalities start to open up and they started learning the alphabet, and English words for body parts.  They are very quick learners and eager to come home to their forever family!

One adoptive family that recently visited had these kind words to say about these girls, "The most adorable girls ever!!  It took a day or two to get some real smiles out of these girls but when they decided they could open up to us - they were soooooo very sweet! Absolutely beautiful!  Anyone would be blessed to call these girls their daughters!"

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