June 3, 2011

“Better One”

Amazing. Simply Amazing.
I received a call for a referral yesterday!
a little 5/6 month old baby boy
 whose name means “Better One”
Yes, “Better One”
My friends—God had something better in store—for our first little boy, this little boy,  and for us.
I am in awe of God.
I told myself that I need to make a Stone of Remembrance for this time—so that when I begin to doubt His love and faithfulness—that I can look back and know He loves, He cares, and He knows.
The courts have agreed to just expedite our paperwork so we hope to be in Ethiopia soon for a court date.
I am in love and my heart is full.
Full for both boys.
Praise our God---for He is good.


  1. Wow. I have goosebumps. Congratulations - God is so good!!! :)

  2. MY FRIEND I AM SOOOOOOO VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For you son, for your family, and YEAH JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praising God with you!!!

  3. Oh Charisa!!! I'm so happy to hear this! I just popped onto your facebook page because you've been on my heart so much the last few days (and in my prayers!). Praying for you and both the little ones in Ethiopia that have your heart! :)

  4. Saw this on the IAN update, but want to say it here, too: Congratulations! God is so good! I love how you have walked through this with much grace-you are an encouragement to me. And I'm so happy to hear that the courts will be expediting your case-yay!

  5. Amazing! God is so good! Praying for your whole family.

  6. Wonderful news!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!


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