June 10, 2011

cleaning out the closet

I am cleaning out our adoption close and have a few things left if anyone would want them.

SOLD!! Black bag with red lining and red stitched Africa by Bekah $15 plus $3 for shipping
(this is really pretty—it was just hard to take a picture of)
IMG_0176 IMG_0162 (683x1024) 

SOLD!! XL (true xlarge 16-18) white tshirt with brown swirly Africa  $15 (includes shipping)

 IMG_1227 IMG_1229

SOLD!! small v-neck (modern fit 4-6) pink tshirt with polka dot Africa $15 (includes shipping)


Isaiah 1:17 shirts in natural color (loose reg tshirt fit) medium, large $10 (includes shipping)


Isaiah 1:17 shirts in large grey (loose reg tshirt fit) (only one available) $10 (includes shipping)

PS..Don’t forget to enter the giveaway in the post below!


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