June 24, 2011

Court Date!!

We received our court date yesterday—and I missed the phone call because I was busy being re-fingerprinted for our FBI clearances!  (We have to update our homestudy, FBI clearances, and USCIS fingerprints because of the length of time. We are right on the line for everything)

Our court date is July 18! 

They did a great job of getting us in quickly.  I am so thankful for the judge and her working with us to get us into court and our son home.

Please continue praying that all of our paperwork will be correct and there (including that famous letter!) and that we will pass court while in Ethiopia!

Then I will be able to show all of you my sweet one’s face.

I wanted to share a picture that my sweet friend from our old travel group sent me. This was right after we lost our first referral and received the next one.  Her note was that Jesus was holding BOTH of my boys in His arms and to trust Him with their care.

Her words were balm to my heart and soul.


Isn’t it beautiful? 

Thank you all for your continued prayers and love.

Our God is good.


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