June 20, 2011

love box

Do you have one? A place where you store sentimental stuff?  notes, cards, poems etc?

Mine is an old Godiva truffle box. (they were divine, by the way)

Anything that makes me feel loved goes in there. Cards, emails, notes, pictures—all sorts of things.





I also have a love notebook.  This has cards, notes, emails, stickers, quotes, verses. etc etc.  This one is primarily for the way God shows His love for me through others. On days when I feel so unloved—I will take this out both of these out and pour through them—usually bawling.  There is a note from a friend when I was waiting to become pregnant with our first—and she encouraged me on God’s timing for my life and for my baby.  That first child just got her learner’s permit!

There are many notes/cards from one sweet friend as we shared pregnancies, scriptures, raising small children, vacations and so on.  Though they live away now, there is a special friendship that will never be broken.

Many others from other special people as we shared trying times, exciting events, or even just the day to day life of walking with God, and raising our kids. Many of these people have moved or we are in different churches or in different spots—but the bonds and love are still there—just different now. (which sometimes makes me sad!)

There are emails printed out and taped that encouraged me in my walk with the Lord.


Reminders of love of my Heavenly Father through my earthly friends.

Anyone else have such a thing?

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