June 13, 2011

multitudes on monday 86-95


86) a little snail slowly making his way across the road

87) a good piece of chocolate

88) a walk with a friend in the early morning air

89) a video of my boy smiling. melt my heart

90) a caseworker that calms my fears

91) fresh cut grass. love that smell

92) scoring at a yard sale with baby clothes—25 and 50 cents a piece!

93) this shirt:


94) a husband who looks at me and says “you look great” :) even when I don’t think I do.

95) surviving a ride home with Bekah who just got her learner's.



  1. love this!!

    (we live in virginia, too!)

  2. I love onesie! Too cute. And congratulations on having a soon-to-be licensed teen in your home. I survived. You will too!


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