July 25, 2011

We’re Home

Today is usually Multitude on Mondays and I thought that I would give you our Eucharisteos from our court trip.


105) the sweet gal I met at the airport on our way to Ethiopia who came back to me and asked our son’s name so she could pray for him by name

106) 2 brothers in Christ that we traveled around Ethiopia with for the week.  They encouraged us, made us laugh, and prayed for us.

107) our beautiful beautiful son.

108) the special mothers that love him and take such good care of him

109) the couple we met from Spain who said they would pray for us as we wait to pass court

110) the beautiful women of the Fistula Hospital and those that work there to bring healing to them

111) Ashli York at Restoration Orphanage. I am in awe of this gal. She inspires me. (more on her later!)

112) church in Ethiopia—need I say more?

113) the other families we traveled with—hearts joined together.

114) our children—who stepped it up to keep things going while we were gone.

115) our friends who jumped in to help in our absence—I appreciate each one of you!


view of Addis from Entoto Mountain

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