August 30, 2011


We have been cleared and have an embassy appointment of September 8!!


I have been blessed by those of you who prayed for us! Friends all over the world encouraged us and kept us in your hearts and I so appreciate it!

And..I cannot wait to get my arms around my son!!

Please continue to pray for our journey (and just so you know..I hate to fly)…my 15 yr old Bekah  is going with me (and just so you know…she hates to fly too) and I am excited to share Ethiopia with her!

Blessings to all of you!


PS….For those of you still waiting..I came across this post on Sunday and it really touched me.  It was real—and encouraged us to keep our eyes on Jesus. Hope it encourages you as well.

PPS ….Don’t forget about Rachel’s Beefy Biscuits for her Horn of Africa famine fund. She has a good start and is very thankful for your orders. Want some?

Check out this post:

August 26, 2011

Beefy Biscuits for Horn of Africa Famine Fund!

Rachel came to me yesterday and asked if she could bake her Beefy Biscuits for dogs again to sell to raise funds for something. We talked about different needs and she decided to raise funds for those suffering from the famine in the Horn of Africa.

I am sure most of you have seen those images—and it is heartbreaking.
We have decided that the funds raised will be sent to Samaritan’s Purse—one reason being that they are on the ground and are already working.  You can see what they are doing at the link below.

They are also one of the groups recommended by CNN—and we personally feel comfortable with the funds going to them and that they will be used with integrity.

Each bag contains 21 dog treats. These treats are all natural..containing only whole wheat flour, a bit of honey, beef broth, egg, yeast, and parsley. (and cost big bucks in the pet stores!)  Dog love them! We have sold them before and everyone has told us that they are loved by their dogs.

Price:  $5 per bag if you are local.  $10 per bag shipped (any extra funds from shipping will also be sent) 
If you want some shipped and want more than 1 bag—email me with your address at gcknight at verizon dot net  and I can get you a quote for what shipping would be for more than 1.

Go to the link below to donate.  For some reason the button won't show up.

Clyde already scheming on how to get one. When we have these cooling, he will stand at the counter and beg and bark :)


August 25, 2011

showers of blessings

2 weeks ago two of my besties threw a shower for me and our little man!


I was blessed for the friends that came—and for a grandma that drove down from WVa to surprise me!

A few pictures from the night

and let me tell you—Bekah was like the paparazzi and I believe she got a picture of every horrible expression I have ever made while talking. Geez. I make funny faces while talking! I apologize now for it for every future conversation. :)  If you came to my house and looked through the 100 some pictures—you would get a good belly laugh out of them!

It felt weird having a shower and not having a big belly! Here I am telling them that I should have my paperwork file taped to my stomach! :)


Much laughter when I saw the gift in the bottom of this bag. I stunk at registering at the stores…just felt like I was being ‘give me give me’ like. (not that it is—at all –totally my weird self)

But I knew that some people like it—so I made an effort. Bekah went with me and we saw a big bag of M&M’s—and we scanned it and laughed to see if someone would buy it!

and a sweet friend did!  Thank you C!


excuse squinchy eyes. the other pictures were even worse!




And I had some helpers who were just as excited as I was! :)


Thanks friends! You bless our family!

August 23, 2011


and waiting..I should be used to this by now, right?  Yea, I still stink at it.

Our case was  submitted to Embassy last Wednesday so now we are waiting to hear the wonderful words of clearance.

Would you pray with us?

That we would be cleared to bring our boy asap?  There are some medical things that need to get checked out and we would like to get that done fast and have him here getting the care that he needs (though our care center is doing a WONDERFUL job—they have fattened him up quite nicely!)

I received these pictures yesterday:

teshale1 (2)teshale2 (2)teshale3 (2)

He is the cutest thing ever.

And look at that! 2 teeth!! He had none when we went for court (though we knew they were on the way!!)

Thanks for following our journey with us!

Also..check out  Great place for vendors, adoptive families, and shoppers!!

August 12, 2011

Restoration Orphanage

One of the places that I wanted to visit while in Ethiopia was Restoration Orphanage. I had read about it and Ashli York on Ordinary Hero’s website and wanted to see and visit this awesome God-story of a place!


Ashli taking us through and telling us about the kids.


What I loved about Ashli was that she just made herself available—without all the answers or certifications, or degrees. She just said “I can go”.  What God can do with a willing heart!!

As Greg and I looked upon babies that were growing and being loved on—that were once extremely malnourished and sick…we were overcome by God’s faithfulness to the willing.

We were also realized that without the one girl that said  “YES” the fate of those children would be so very different.


If you’d like to read the beginning of Ashli’s story:

If you’d like to help Restoration Orphanage:

(From Ordinary Hero’s website)


Ashli has given her life to help these children. Let's show her support as best we can.

If you would like to make a one time donation, or a much needed monthly partnership to help this orphanage, please CLICK HERE to go to our Donate page.  Be sure to put in the "SEND US A MESSAGE" box ORPHANGE AIDE .  If you do decide to help monthly, please let us know that. All donations are tax deductible through Ordinary Hero Foundation.

Also, I have added this orphanage to our drop down menu when you check out of the OH Store. Anything you purchase from the store, you can click on Orphanage/Ethiopia, Restoration and that orphanage will get 40% of your sale.

August 3, 2011

favorite items from Ethiopia!

Below are some of my favorite items we brought back from Ethiopia on this trip.  Shopping can be somewhat overwhelming! Lots of vendors, lots of items, and lots of haggling! I tend to pick out what I wanted and ran when the haggling came. I let the hubby handle that one—being he was the professional sales guy and all! 

There were some items I didn’t get this time because I ran out of time/forgot or just plain couldn’t think. I will have a list of items to pick up next time (and as always more coffee!)

These pictures made out of banana leaves. There are pretty fragile and I was worried—but they made it back fine. There were lots of different scenes to choose from. We got those from the antiquities store in the big mercato.

IMG_2159 - Copy

Scarves. We bought lots of scarves for the girls and friends. The ones below came from the Former Women Wood Carriers Association. (I think that’s the formal name-I might have messed it up a bit) It’s at the bottom of Entoto Mountain.I asked and they said it takes about 2 hours to make on scarf. They had tons and they were beautiful.

IMG_2161 IMG_1947

One of the women carrying the wood down the mountain. From what I have read—they do this once a day for their own use and selling. They make about $3 from it.  And it is HEAVY. and it is a STEEP mountain. Can’t imagine doing that every day.


We purchased some scarves from the Leprosy Hospital as well. These had a lot more elaborate designs and a sheen to them. They also had clothes there and table clothes.


One of my very faves. A basket made from the women at the Fistula Hospital. A very moving and humbling place to visit.

IMG_2164 - Copy

We just purchased the coffee set below from some random guy on the street.  He kept following us and his price kept dropping—I finally told the hubby—“buy that!”  And I am amazed we made it home without it breaking!  We packed it with a bunch of our clothes in our carry-on.

IMG_2165IMG_2168 - Copy

Animals—we always bring animals home from the kids from our trips to Ethiopia and Zambia.


Of course, we need the coffee to go with that coffee set! 

IMG_2170IMG_2171 - Copy

Some traditional clothing for our little man.


Some necklaces for the girls—there didn’t seem to be as much jewelry this time as the last time I was in Ethiopia.


They has these postcards all around. I wish I had bought more—they would be pretty in black frames in a grouping. Might put them on my list for next time!

IMG_2177 - Copy

Another fave—this is the story of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba on a canvas.  They had quite a few of these and other pictures that were really neat in the antiquities shop as well.   Not sure how I am going to hang it yet.

IMG_2178 - Copy

Close up of it.


And for Ab and Josh—their only request were soccer jerseys. Josh’s we paid too much money for and then found them cheaper and got Ab’s (first store only had adult sizes) and of course the sweatbands for Ab and his Mirinda. Smile


August 1, 2011

It’s official!!

Friday we received great news that our recommendation letter was done and that our adoption was complete and final by the Ethiopian courts!!

Levi Teshale is officially our son!

Our favorite pic of me holding him. Isn’t he beautiful? 

He is such a happy boy. And a snuggler! He loves to lean in close. I cannot wait until we have him home.


Now what?

We wait for a birth certificate, adoption decree, and other paperwork to be done to be submitted to the US Embassy. We then wait for their clearance. Typically they ask for additional paperwork before clearance is granted. We are hoping/praying for a quick process!

Thank you all for your prayers and those who have been on the bumpy journey with us. I am amazed at God’s sovereignty. He really does know best!

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