August 26, 2011

Beefy Biscuits for Horn of Africa Famine Fund!

Rachel came to me yesterday and asked if she could bake her Beefy Biscuits for dogs again to sell to raise funds for something. We talked about different needs and she decided to raise funds for those suffering from the famine in the Horn of Africa.

I am sure most of you have seen those images—and it is heartbreaking.
We have decided that the funds raised will be sent to Samaritan’s Purse—one reason being that they are on the ground and are already working.  You can see what they are doing at the link below.

They are also one of the groups recommended by CNN—and we personally feel comfortable with the funds going to them and that they will be used with integrity.

Each bag contains 21 dog treats. These treats are all natural..containing only whole wheat flour, a bit of honey, beef broth, egg, yeast, and parsley. (and cost big bucks in the pet stores!)  Dog love them! We have sold them before and everyone has told us that they are loved by their dogs.

Price:  $5 per bag if you are local.  $10 per bag shipped (any extra funds from shipping will also be sent) 
If you want some shipped and want more than 1 bag—email me with your address at gcknight at verizon dot net  and I can get you a quote for what shipping would be for more than 1.

Go to the link below to donate.  For some reason the button won't show up.

Clyde already scheming on how to get one. When we have these cooling, he will stand at the counter and beg and bark :)



  1. What an amazing daughter you have!!! =)

  2. Hannah the miracle dog needs some of these beefy biscuits. I'll place an order right now! (they look good enough to eat!)
    do you make any human treats?????

  3. Amazing idea! What a sweet girl you are raising. Just added myself as a follower!


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