August 25, 2011

showers of blessings

2 weeks ago two of my besties threw a shower for me and our little man!


I was blessed for the friends that came—and for a grandma that drove down from WVa to surprise me!

A few pictures from the night

and let me tell you—Bekah was like the paparazzi and I believe she got a picture of every horrible expression I have ever made while talking. Geez. I make funny faces while talking! I apologize now for it for every future conversation. :)  If you came to my house and looked through the 100 some pictures—you would get a good belly laugh out of them!

It felt weird having a shower and not having a big belly! Here I am telling them that I should have my paperwork file taped to my stomach! :)


Much laughter when I saw the gift in the bottom of this bag. I stunk at registering at the stores…just felt like I was being ‘give me give me’ like. (not that it is—at all –totally my weird self)

But I knew that some people like it—so I made an effort. Bekah went with me and we saw a big bag of M&M’s—and we scanned it and laughed to see if someone would buy it!

and a sweet friend did!  Thank you C!


excuse squinchy eyes. the other pictures were even worse!




And I had some helpers who were just as excited as I was! :)


Thanks friends! You bless our family!


  1. Looks like a good time! We can't wait until you can bring that little darling home - praying for peace and grace for all of you during the wait!

  2. Thank you for this post! Felt like I was there. I laughed right along with you!! I love you all!


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