August 23, 2011


and waiting..I should be used to this by now, right?  Yea, I still stink at it.

Our case was  submitted to Embassy last Wednesday so now we are waiting to hear the wonderful words of clearance.

Would you pray with us?

That we would be cleared to bring our boy asap?  There are some medical things that need to get checked out and we would like to get that done fast and have him here getting the care that he needs (though our care center is doing a WONDERFUL job—they have fattened him up quite nicely!)

I received these pictures yesterday:

teshale1 (2)teshale2 (2)teshale3 (2)

He is the cutest thing ever.

And look at that! 2 teeth!! He had none when we went for court (though we knew they were on the way!!)

Thanks for following our journey with us!

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