September 21, 2011

3rd Day

We went to the American Embassy on our third day in Ethiopia.

We had some down time in the morning and slept in (sorta) and had a leisurely breakfast.  We talked to a sweet young family whose husband had received a lottery visa to the US and they were back in Ethiopia visiting family.  A very nice family.

On to the the Embassy: We waited for 3 hours while waiting for our names to be called. The lady behind the window was very nice and personable. We raised our right hands and stated that we know of no fraud with our case and that he was our son.  We then heard the blessed words of, “your adoption is full and final.” and that our visas would be ready in the morning. Thank you God!

We then came home and had a relaxing dinner with our friends.

My photographer daughter:


Dinner at the top of Addis View. This is Fekadu—our guide in Ethiopia. A wonderful gentleman who gave this tired momma’s arms a break during the entire meal!  Email me if you’d like his contact information for your trip to Ethiopia!


Even put the baby to sleep! :)


Bedtime with the Buzz Lightyear pajamas that Rachel’s bff in Ohio sent to Teshale.

He loves for you to copy whatever he does.  Notice that headboard---he would wake up and try to soothe himself by rocking and one night was rocking so hard that he was banging his head on the headboard. Sweet boy gets rocked by momma now!


Pretending to fly like Buzz Lightyear (can you tell we were bored this night? lol)


I love it when Bekah makes bug eyes for pictures. :)

From Bekah—the deranged looking eyeballs were intentional…just so you don’t think I have naturally creepy eyes.



Also…want to check out Bekah’s blog? Never know what she will say—and most of it will make you laugh :)

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