September 17, 2011

First Day Together

So…we picked our little man up and headed back to the hotel.  He was sleeping when we picked him up so he was a bit out of it :)

Bekah held him for a bit on the way over (and she thought I wouldn’t let her hold him at all!)


We then got to the hotel and cleaned him up and changed clothes and had some snuggle time.


Ate some cereal (he LOVES his cereal)  I think here he is saying “hurry it up mom!”


He and Bekah then had a photo shoot…with funny faces at all.  (PS..he LOVES being without his clothes on! as soon as you set him free he laughs and giggles and kicks.)


In our bed that night. That felt sooo good. When we were there for court, I hated going to bed and thinking about him in his crib—without me.


He had a very hard time sleeping that night. VERY congested and would cough until he gagged and threw up. At one point he had trouble catching his breath so I ran to the bathroom and turned on the hot water (which is super duper hot) and sat in the steam for a while which seemed to help.  I was worried he had pneumonia or bronchitis  (and thinking about that 17 hour plane ride coming up) so our friends (BEST drivers/guides in Ethiopia—email me if you want their contact info) arranged a hospital visit for us and we went to have him checked out.  The doctor said he was congested and gave us some amoxicillin. 

Do you know how much that cost? Hospital visit plus meds was $9. Yes, $9. and took 15 minutes.  I was so appreciative to be able to go and make sure he was okay. 

Each day he started getting a little bit better.  We then headed to Entoto Mountain with our friends.  I will share that tomorrow! :)

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