September 24, 2011

Last Day in Ethiopia!

Our last day in Ethiopia included a coffee ceremony at the Care Center to say goodbye to everyone.

The gentleman in this photo worked very hard on our case and was very supportive when we lost our first referral. A wonderful man who loves the kids and works very hard. One of the most touching moments in the week was when he walked up to me (right before this picture was taken) and said “you have your Better One now.” (Better One is what Teshale’s name means)


Most of our group. The other family left the day before.


We then went to our friend’s house and had some WONDERFUL Ethiopian food. and lots of it. Bekah and I both did our best to eat all of it but alas, we failed.  It was very, very good. Greg said (on our court trip) that it was the best food he had in country.

Below are two godly men (Fekadu and Joel) who quickly became our friends and family in Ethiopia. They took us around all week, taught us about Ethiopia, prayed for us while we waited and loved on my son while I was away. I can’t recommend them enough. Look for them on facebook “Life Tours” and contact them for your trip. Tell them I sent you :).  And they gave my tired arms a break and let me eat :)


Have I told you how much I love Ethiopian coffee? and its ceremony?


Fekadu’s mom who fixed the scrumptious dinner and gave us our coffee ceremony. She also loved on Teshale and said he was a good baby. I agree. A beautiful woman with a gentle spirit. I love their family.


Bekah and Joel looking at Fekadu’s pictures. Have I told you how much I love these guys?

From Bekah: I’m totally digging my hair here.


Waiting to take off for 17 hours on a plane. yikes. Did we tell you how much we hate to fly?


He’s ready.


We bit the bullet and paid for a seat for Teshale. It was WELL worth it. He slept for 11 hours straight like this.  This is him in Rome.


He then woke up and had messed himself up to his neck. yes. wonderful. went to the bathroom and am trying to change him on that little board and I have his clothes off but not wanting to take his diaper off (for fear of more) and realize that I don’t have another diaper. Ack. keep hand on baby and prop door with foot trying to get Bekah’s attention—she’s asleep—stewardesses are in the back since it’s night on the plane. crud. pick up baby up (yep with stuff on him) and go to get diaper. nasty. clean up as best as I could with trickle of water and baby wipes. put coat on top of t-shirt.  Life of a Mommy. :)

Bekah mid-flight. She looks thrilled doesn’t she.


We are home!!

Teshale back in Daddy’s arms.


Big brother with T.


The good mom that I am has lost the pictures of the little ones with the baby at the airport. sigh.

And that’s our trip!

And it is soooo good to be home and I am still pinching myself to make sure it’s all done! 

Now..on to re-adoption (not required but suggested) and post placement visits. It’s all good. :)

Thank you for being with us on our journey!

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  1. It was a fun trip - thanks for letting us tag along! Can't wait to see that sweet little guy grow up and see what God has in store for his life. Thank you for letting our family be a part of your family to watch your children grow up and mature into wonderful young adults. You are great parents and we love you guys!


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