October 31, 2011



One of my favorite items from Ethiopia. When we were in Ethiopia for our court trip I commented on the beautiful necklace that one of the front desk gals was wearing. Her response? “If you like it, I will give it to you” I quickly told her that it wasn’t necessary but it was beautiful necklace.  (And that has been stuck in my brain—how quickly she was willing to give me something of hers just because I liked it)

We chatted back and forth when we got home and were waiting for Embassy Clearance. We told her when we cleared and she responded that she wanted to give us something—anything when my daughter and I came.  Why?  Because my husband had been so nice to her.  What did he do? He took the time to get to know the people behind the desk-—just by talking to them.  When we arrived she had this pendant for me.

The power of words, kindness, and smile. I am always amazed at the change that takes place when you give a smile and speak nicely to someone while you are waiting in line or being checked out or even stopping to great the cleaning lady at the hotel, though I think I may have overwhelmed ours when I kept trying to talk to her and she kept replying “no english” :)

Remember to take the time to get to know the people around you—whether that’s here in the States or overseas.  You will be blessed and your circle of friendship will broaden.

Another fave: kolo  which is Ethiopian Roasted Barley Snack. The mixture I purchased in
Ethiopia has peanuts mixed in too. Love it. It’s great to grab a handful when you need a quick snack. Very good. Be sure to get some while in Ethiopia!


Some random pictures! (just posting some fall pics even though it snowed about 3-4 inches here this past weekend! Craziness!!)


A favorite view of the valley where we live. Farmlands with mountains in the background.


We also had a beautiful rainbow over the fall leaves last week


And lastly…don’t forget to check out www.tlcfortlz.blogspot.com  for some great older child adoption testimonies! We have some wonderful donations that will be auctioned off for grants for our 3 special waiting boys!  We can still use your help!

October 24, 2011

Updates, Pictures, and Teasers

Remember Rachel’s Beefy Biscuit Sales for the Horn of Africa Famine Fund? She is done with her sales from her two batches and now has:

$69 that is going to Samaritan’s Purse to help those who are in need. 

I am proud of my little girl and her giving heart. Thank you all who helped her earn money to do her small part in changing the world.

IMG_6531 - Copy

Our donation search for our auction at www.tlcfortlz.blogspot.com is going great!  Some items that will be for sale are a Baby Bjorn carrier, Tacoma Coffee, silver Orthodox cross, Ethiopian scarf, lots of different t-shirts, jewelry and much more (continue looking for more items teasers)

We can still use your help! We want to raise as much funds as we can for the families that step forward for these 3 boys that have been waiting a year!   All money goes to grants for these families that step forward. Just contact me if you have anything you can donate! 

Be sure to head over to the blog to read one mom’s heartfelt post about Z. She just came home on Saturday and her words will stir your heart.

My Bekah is also made a super cute Africa tshirt to donate.  She recently wrote a blog that made me think. Check it out : http://ramblingsbybekah.blogspot.com/2011/10/we-dont-care-about-death.html

Now some pictures :)

We recently went to hike on a trail that goes through Carter Mountain. It was an easy hike that was stroller accessible. Win.

Teshale felt that he needed to work on his stroller wheel the whole time.

IMG_6540 - Copy

Big brother likes to help carry. Look at that gut! :)

IMG_6584 - Copy


IMG_6590 - CopyIMG_6592

October 19, 2011

help for waiting boys

While at the Care Center for our court date and then later picking up Teshale—we met three wonderful boys who have been waiting over a year for a family to call them their own. OVER A YEAR.  Think about that for a minute. As they have watched other children leave with parents—they have waited. and waited. Just because they are ‘older.’
Parents that come and pick up their kids leave burdened for these sweet boys.
Their ages are 8, 9, and 10 and here is a bit about them. 

T – T is a quiet boy who likes to play with his friends. He has a calm and friendly personality that one might see as being shy, but after he warms up to someone he is more outgoing, kind and friendly.
T likes to be active and play soccer with his buddies. He is good at sharing and is kind to the younger children at the Care Center.
L-L is an adorable little guy who loves to have fun! He can be shy around adults but is friendly with the other children. He loves to play cars and enjoys trying to make one-on-one conversations with visiting adults. Showing off what English he is learning.
Z-Z is a very compassionate boy. He is always looking out for the younger boys at the Care Center. He is seen as a big brother to every one there and is sweet to every one.
Z is fun and loves to play games with his friends. He is not over powering for attention but is willing to wait his turn.

Several of us have decided to host an online silent auction to raise funds for grants for the families that step forward to give these boys a home and family.
It will be from mid-November to December 1st. (just in time for your Christmas shopping!) 
We would love to have you help us! Right now we are in the stage of gathering items to put in the auction (the website will be www.tlcfortlz.blogspot.com  It’s in process right now ) 
Would you be willing to donate something?
Here is how it works:
1. You let me know if you would be willing to donate. Email us at mailto:ianwaitingchild@gmail.com%20withwith what you would like to donate! Then, just sit back and relax!
2. We will create a blog post about your item, including a description and picture, a minimum bid price, and a link over to your etsy page/website/blog so they can check out the other fabulous things that you do!
Look for it on http://www.tlcfortlz.blogspot.com/
3. We are planning to open the auction mid November and end it on Dec 1 (just in time for Christmas!) Readers will bid on your fantastic donation!
4. When the auction closes we will e-mail the winner to get their mailing address. Then, we will send you the address.
5. So the only thing you have to do is mail them the prize!
Also, after the auction closes, We will write a post encouraging bidders who bid on your item and did not win to go check out your etsy page/website/blog! Hopefully this will bring you a lot of free publicity.
The sweet boys get advocated for and families get a grant. Win-Win.
Feel free to email me with any questions or ideas!!
We’ve already received some fantastic donations and I can’t wait to share them with you!
And..I will leave you with a picture :)
PS. If you’d like to inquire about these waiting children or any others that are currently waiting:
Email waitingkids@internationaladoptionnet.org

October 18, 2011


Rachel was my random number generator and picked a number corresponding to each comment….

and the winner is Stacey!!

Stacey—I will send you your coupon code for your free recordable storybook!

Thank you friends for joining in!

I can’t wait to read some of your books!!

October 12, 2011

What’s your favorite children’s book? and a Giveaway!

You know—the one you keep after your children are grown up because you can’t bear to get rid of it?

Or the ones you always pick out to give as gifts?

My turn first:

All those children’s stories by Max Lucado.  Here’s a few. I have seriously bawled before while reading them for the first time.

Product Details   Product Details  Product Details  Product Details

Love You Forever (another one that makes my cry)

Product Details

I just love this one—especially for little tots  Somebody Bigger than I

Product Details

A new one I just fell in love with ---and yes, I do the singing part in it! :)  If You Were My Bunny

Product Details

Now…what’s your favorites?

Please share so we can all enjoy them! I love books! especially good quality ones!

 And I will pick one person who shared their favorite book for kids and they will receive a coupon code from Dayspring to receive their own recordable story book!  You just have to pay shipping! 

Just comment on this post!

I want to share with you a recordable storybook by Dayspring that just came out with.

They have a few really cute ones to pick from. Check them all out here.  I had a hard time choosing which one to review!

Here is the one I have.

I Love You Head To Toe

It starts off by “From head to toe, all through and through ….I love how special God made you!” (with cute pictures of panda and baby) and it keeps going describing the things you love about them.  This would be great for a Grandma to send to her grandkids or for those that just want reinforce I love you and that God made you special!

The pages are thick so they won’t tear easily too. Great for wee little ones!

Can you guess who I am doing this for? Yep, a sweet little baby so he can hear momma’s voice over and over again saying that she loves him!


Now…go comment about your favorite book so I can give someone a coupon code for a free one of these courtesy of Daypsring!!!

I will pick a winner on Monday!

(PS. Dayspring gave me this product to review and this opinion is my own)

October 6, 2011

Fight to Five

As a mom who has adopted two children that came home from Ethiopia with diarrhea (one of the leading causes of death in children under 5)—one with parasites and one with bacteria---this cause really hits home.

Sevenly is a t-shirt organization that partners with different causes to raise awareness and raise funds.  This week (3 days left!) they are teaming up with Compassion International (who is doing GREAT work in Ethiopia) with a Fight to Five t-shirt.

Fight to Five

Here is the link to order your shirt! www.sevenly.org  They are only $22 each with a portion going to Compassion to help Ethiopian mothers specifically.

People who are near and dear to my heart!

October 5, 2011

sooo…how are we doing?

We are in love with our son and so happy that he is home.

And does it tell you anything that my teen daughter begged me to buy the onesie that said “My mommy is exhausted”  :) Because I say it so much!

I forgot how much work babies are!!  And then add in being the only one (other than Greg) to feed and meet his needs—and trying to sleep together to aid in bonding (= no sleep.) Phew.

Add in not taking any break and jumping into all our activities, lessons, and homeschool (note to others: not a smart move!!)

BUT—It is all more than worth it and I am soooo glad he is home. I still pinch myself.


The BIGGEST thing that I deal with when coming home from Ethiopia, Guatemala, or Zambia is always the discontent, heartache, and just plain frustration of how we can have so much (materially) and they can have so little.

I sat in Sunday School this past week—holding our son and I looked around and thought “if each of these people gave me $5 we could feed a child for a long time. months” 

As we listen to crazy spending on things all around us, my husband looks at me and says “I know you are adding up what that can do or how many children could be adopted.” Yep. he’s right.

There is one image that haunts me. There was a little boy (age—3, 4, or 5) that we saw each time as we went to the Care Center who had no pants, no underwear. Just a shirt. Full of smiles and waves as he chased the car down.  I wish I had stopped and bought that precious child a pair of pants. and shoes. It was chilly and wet and he should have both of those things. ugh. seriously. won’t leave me mind.

I know that we are blessed to bless others and all that jazz. But—how many times do we just go on about our business and forget? or maybe not forget but it’s not a priority so we don’t ever do anything about it?  have lots of compassion and tears but never ACT?

and I know that one person can’t save the entire world (though I wish I had a wealthy benefactor backing me so that I could give it shot! any volunteers? haha) but we can do something.

So…forgive me if I seem to have a one track mind—but it is not something I can just let go. Lives depend on it.


and because I can’t get anything done—I am 3 days late for multitudes on mondays!  :)


98) friends who ‘get’ me

99) normal baby poops. yep, that for sure.

100) fall air

101) a crackling fire

102) my 2nd and 3rd grade class during show and tell. they crack me up!

103) a 9yr old birthday party

104) seeing the first red and yellow of fall leaves

105) laughter of a friend

106) hope

107) worship that causes you to cry

108) fresh cut grass

109) late afternoon sunlight

110) getting reacquainted with old friends

111) meeting new friends

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