October 31, 2011



One of my favorite items from Ethiopia. When we were in Ethiopia for our court trip I commented on the beautiful necklace that one of the front desk gals was wearing. Her response? “If you like it, I will give it to you” I quickly told her that it wasn’t necessary but it was beautiful necklace.  (And that has been stuck in my brain—how quickly she was willing to give me something of hers just because I liked it)

We chatted back and forth when we got home and were waiting for Embassy Clearance. We told her when we cleared and she responded that she wanted to give us something—anything when my daughter and I came.  Why?  Because my husband had been so nice to her.  What did he do? He took the time to get to know the people behind the desk-—just by talking to them.  When we arrived she had this pendant for me.

The power of words, kindness, and smile. I am always amazed at the change that takes place when you give a smile and speak nicely to someone while you are waiting in line or being checked out or even stopping to great the cleaning lady at the hotel, though I think I may have overwhelmed ours when I kept trying to talk to her and she kept replying “no english” :)

Remember to take the time to get to know the people around you—whether that’s here in the States or overseas.  You will be blessed and your circle of friendship will broaden.

Another fave: kolo  which is Ethiopian Roasted Barley Snack. The mixture I purchased in
Ethiopia has peanuts mixed in too. Love it. It’s great to grab a handful when you need a quick snack. Very good. Be sure to get some while in Ethiopia!


Some random pictures! (just posting some fall pics even though it snowed about 3-4 inches here this past weekend! Craziness!!)


A favorite view of the valley where we live. Farmlands with mountains in the background.


We also had a beautiful rainbow over the fall leaves last week


And lastly…don’t forget to check out www.tlcfortlz.blogspot.com  for some great older child adoption testimonies! We have some wonderful donations that will be auctioned off for grants for our 3 special waiting boys!  We can still use your help!

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