October 5, 2011

sooo…how are we doing?

We are in love with our son and so happy that he is home.

And does it tell you anything that my teen daughter begged me to buy the onesie that said “My mommy is exhausted”  :) Because I say it so much!

I forgot how much work babies are!!  And then add in being the only one (other than Greg) to feed and meet his needs—and trying to sleep together to aid in bonding (= no sleep.) Phew.

Add in not taking any break and jumping into all our activities, lessons, and homeschool (note to others: not a smart move!!)

BUT—It is all more than worth it and I am soooo glad he is home. I still pinch myself.


The BIGGEST thing that I deal with when coming home from Ethiopia, Guatemala, or Zambia is always the discontent, heartache, and just plain frustration of how we can have so much (materially) and they can have so little.

I sat in Sunday School this past week—holding our son and I looked around and thought “if each of these people gave me $5 we could feed a child for a long time. months” 

As we listen to crazy spending on things all around us, my husband looks at me and says “I know you are adding up what that can do or how many children could be adopted.” Yep. he’s right.

There is one image that haunts me. There was a little boy (age—3, 4, or 5) that we saw each time as we went to the Care Center who had no pants, no underwear. Just a shirt. Full of smiles and waves as he chased the car down.  I wish I had stopped and bought that precious child a pair of pants. and shoes. It was chilly and wet and he should have both of those things. ugh. seriously. won’t leave me mind.

I know that we are blessed to bless others and all that jazz. But—how many times do we just go on about our business and forget? or maybe not forget but it’s not a priority so we don’t ever do anything about it?  have lots of compassion and tears but never ACT?

and I know that one person can’t save the entire world (though I wish I had a wealthy benefactor backing me so that I could give it shot! any volunteers? haha) but we can do something.

So…forgive me if I seem to have a one track mind—but it is not something I can just let go. Lives depend on it.


and because I can’t get anything done—I am 3 days late for multitudes on mondays!  :)


98) friends who ‘get’ me

99) normal baby poops. yep, that for sure.

100) fall air

101) a crackling fire

102) my 2nd and 3rd grade class during show and tell. they crack me up!

103) a 9yr old birthday party

104) seeing the first red and yellow of fall leaves

105) laughter of a friend

106) hope

107) worship that causes you to cry

108) fresh cut grass

109) late afternoon sunlight

110) getting reacquainted with old friends

111) meeting new friends


  1. Oh my, he is just the sweetest thing!

    I completely understand feeling sick to your stomach about the ones you couldn't help. I try to remind myself to turn it into change somehow, some way.

  2. Thanks for sharing what's constantly on MY heart as well! Can't wait to see how God's going to continue to use you!:)

  3. I hear ya sista!

    I get a feeling sometimes that I'm doing a check list of sorts, and the things I do are 'tasks' I lose focus,
    pay for the compassion child, check,
    write that letter, check,
    upgrade my weekly giving, check,
    send money for korah, check, etc
    (and some of these things I'm way behind on)!

    It has become a list of tasks that I do in a way that has lost it's luster. I know that these monies are helpful; feeding, clothing and educating people in a loving way - but I'm feeling that there is more to it than throwing money at the problem. There is the part of serving people that makes it 'feel' better - oh there I go making it about me again. I got issues.....

  4. I just got back from Sierra Leone, Africa and I can say that I totally get the last part of your post. I could have written it verbatim.


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