October 24, 2011

Updates, Pictures, and Teasers

Remember Rachel’s Beefy Biscuit Sales for the Horn of Africa Famine Fund? She is done with her sales from her two batches and now has:

$69 that is going to Samaritan’s Purse to help those who are in need. 

I am proud of my little girl and her giving heart. Thank you all who helped her earn money to do her small part in changing the world.

IMG_6531 - Copy

Our donation search for our auction at www.tlcfortlz.blogspot.com is going great!  Some items that will be for sale are a Baby Bjorn carrier, Tacoma Coffee, silver Orthodox cross, Ethiopian scarf, lots of different t-shirts, jewelry and much more (continue looking for more items teasers)

We can still use your help! We want to raise as much funds as we can for the families that step forward for these 3 boys that have been waiting a year!   All money goes to grants for these families that step forward. Just contact me if you have anything you can donate! 

Be sure to head over to the blog to read one mom’s heartfelt post about Z. She just came home on Saturday and her words will stir your heart.

My Bekah is also made a super cute Africa tshirt to donate.  She recently wrote a blog that made me think. Check it out : http://ramblingsbybekah.blogspot.com/2011/10/we-dont-care-about-death.html

Now some pictures :)

We recently went to hike on a trail that goes through Carter Mountain. It was an easy hike that was stroller accessible. Win.

Teshale felt that he needed to work on his stroller wheel the whole time.

IMG_6540 - Copy

Big brother likes to help carry. Look at that gut! :)

IMG_6584 - Copy


IMG_6590 - CopyIMG_6592

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