November 29, 2011

O Christmas Tree

This year it was Ab’s and Rachel’s turn to pick the tree. (we take turns to avoid knock out/drag out fights in the middle of the tree farm :) )

Here’s the keeper! And bonus…we found a large bird nest in it when we got home.


T was beyond excited..over what I am not sure.


Love this picture of the little ones. T loved that candy cane. He gnawed it enough to get a small hole that he could suck the peppermint out. He was not happy when we took it away. not happy at all.


We are starting our Jesse Tree tonight using the template from A Holy Experience.

Anyone else?

November 28, 2011

Good Good News!

Z has family!

 All 3 boys that we have been advocating for and raising funds for now have families waiting for them and fighting for them!

There is much rejoicing going on in our adoption world!

God is good, my friends. so good.

I will link you to their blog as soon as they announce it on there!

Please keep checking the auction at to support these families!

Saw this on a friend’s page and thought it fit wonderfully:



Thanksgiving was a bittersweet time this year. It was good to get together with family but there is a lot of serious sickness right now which makes you wonder. How long? You just don’t ever know. None of us do, really. Death can come in a flash. I don’t want to live my life with regrets. I am trying to really be ‘in the moment’ during each day. Hard to do at times. It’s so easy to get bogged down by problems—big and little ones. Working on that.

Here are some pics from our day!

The little ones doing the wishbone thing.


T learning to play Dutch Blitz.



Greg’s side of the family…Know how many pics it took to get this one? :) 


TLZ Auction Update! We are over $2000 with bids! Keeping checking it out! Remember it closes on Friday!

November 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

Found this while looking through photos the other day.

It was our membership photo for our church back in 1994. Pre-kids. Married for around 2 years.

Knew absolutely nothing but thought I knew so much.

This was my I will have 1 maybe 2 children days. hahahahaha.

I am all of 21 there and still sporting that nice curly hair. and my nice blue shiny suit. That was shorts instead of a skirt. Yep. classy. (I heard that’s coming back) I WON’T be taking part of that trend this time.

And..I have my all time favorite necklace on though you can’t see it. It simply said Try God. Loved it. Lost it.


Greg is wearing glasses that we found out years later that he really didn’t even need.

And..I think that tie is still in our closet. Maybe we need to clean out the old tie rack?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Don’t forget to check out the auction during your holiday shopping!

And Rachel is still in making beefy biscuit mode!  click on the tab above to order some for your furry friends!

November 24, 2011


I am very thankful this Thanksgiving. For so many reasons that it would be impossible to list them all.

At the top of my list?

For my husband who was very supportive of his crazy emotional “I’m in the middle of an adoption” wife for the last year.

For my 5 children. They make me laugh and I love their hearts. And I am so very thankful that #5 is HOME.

For my local friends—that are loving and supportive and fun! I am also thankful for my homeschooling buds that I see each Friday at co-op. It’s wonderful to be with you each week!

For my far away friends—some we haven’t seen for a while, some are on different continents,  some I have never even met—but the bonds and connections are there. If only I had that Star Trek transporter.

For the ministries that we support. I am thankful for their integrity and hard work and the difference they make in the lives of others.

For the adoption ministries that supported us in the last year and helped us bring Teshale home.

For modern medicine that fights cancer.

For generosity of people I have never met that are helping us with the TLZ auction.

and most of all for a loving Heavenly Father that chose me to be His child.

Counting my blessings today—for there are many.




November 19, 2011

Make a Difference in ONE Life!
What is your holy discontent? What is your God-given passion on this earth? You know, that one thing that MOVES you to action, that brings you to tears, and causes you to lose sleep? We have a passion, a yearning to see justice for the fatherless! "Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow." - Isaiah 1:17

2011 Gifts of Purpose from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo. NOW, for even more exciting news....
In Ethiopia, children need an education to break free from gripping poverty. Public schools are lacking, so kids are left behind without the  HOPE of an education or future. Our current Lifesong school is not only giving by teaching these children about Jesus, but also feeding 350 hungry children 2 meals each day. We currently have a need to build a 12-room expansion to our existing school... please join us to make a difference in a child's life.
As of last night, we have a generous donor that has stepped up to MATCH all donations to the Ziway and Adami Tulu Schools in Ethiopia between now and December 31st... up to $130,000!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? What a GENEROUS way to make the most of your giving and bless the children and families in these communities! Let me tell you first hand, these schools NEED to be expanded... these children NEED an education... they NEED to be fed each day... they NEED to hear about Jesus! Lets give HOPE to these precious children in Ethiopia!
Would you join us in prayer as we seek to make the need known?
MAKE A MATCHED DONATION NOW! ***You can use the link above to make a matched donation OR select any of the Hope Ethiopia options below. 

Gift of $30 cares for 2 children for 1 month.

Gift in Honor of
Gift of $525 cares for 35 children for 1 month.

Gift in Honor of
Gift of $1,500 furnishes one classroom.

Gift in Honor of
Also, don't forget that you can give a gift in honor of a loved one this holiday season!

It's that time of year again. Holiday music rings through your speaker systems. Decorations light up your street corners. Families gather together.It's the season of love, joy and family.  
As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ during this season of giving, we often forget to give to those who NEED it most! This year give differently. Give FAMILY to the 147 million orphans worldwide who dream of belonging. Give HOPE to children living on the streets whose only Christmas wish is survival.
What if, this year, your family gave a gift to those who need it most? A gift that won't fit under the tree? 
Would you consider making a difference in ONE LIFE...
  •  Help a child break free from gripping poverty.
  •  Give the love of Jesus through Christian mentors.
  •  Give a future to an orphan's caregiver.
This year join Lifesong for Orphans in giving a gift with purpose. A gift that will speak Jesus to a child. Introducing Lifesong's 2011 Gifts of Purpose Catalog

November 17, 2011

Flashback Friday

It was one of those homeschool days where it was gorgeous out and we ditched all the school and went to the park for a photo shoot and play time.

Back when Josh was still cuddly—and I had short haircut. (and Josh had a short haircut too!! )

I love this haircut—but it only works when I am thin:)  ahem. I don’t have it right now.

fall kids _0001_NEW

fall kids _0002

Rachel was so little here. Love it.

fall kids _0003

Random note. That gazebo behind Rachel is where this was filmed:

Can anyone guess what movie it is? (look at bottom of post for answer Smile)

fall kids _0004_NEW

crunchy leaves. favorite of fall.

fall kids _0005


fall kids _0006


Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me!!

Be sure to check out the auction at!

It is going great! Lots of bids and lots of items!!

PS. Evan Almighty is the film!

November 16, 2011


I am blown away by the response for the auction! BLOWN AWAY!

There is tons of good stuff on there!  Ethiopian items, books and music by Dennis Jernigan, Gary Haugen, Dave Ramsey, Sara Groves. A new 36 diamond and 10k gold bracelet (that would make a GREAT gift!) Baby Bjorn carriers, slings, soap, tons of jewelry, coffee, photography sessions, and acupuncturist visits for those in CO. So much stuff!

Be sure to check it out at case you didn’t get to read it before: Our testimony is up at No Greater Joy’s website (which I love!!)

Now..some fun stuff. Here are pictures from our photo shoot with Brand New Photography

Teshale was a wee bit cranky from his shots and teething so he wasn’t his normal smiling self. But I still love them. :)


And my absolute favorite! hehehe


I’ve got so much stuff swirling in my heart and head. Stay tuned.

God is faithful my friends. so faithful.

November 14, 2011

TLZ auction is live!

Hello friends in blog world!

I would appreciate it so much if you would help us publicize the below auction for 3 very special boys!!  It is at

Thank you!  You can share the info below if you’d like! (just link back to please!)

While picking up our son, Teshale, this year, we met and were burdened by three young boys at IAN’s care center. Three boys who have been waiting over a YEAR for family. Why? Because they are older—8, 9, and 10.  A Year. Imagine that! Watching other kids and parents come and go while you still wait.

Many other families have felt the same burden. Some families have already met them. Some have just seen pictures and heard stories.  But all have a desire to do something—anything—to help them have a family. a home. love.

A group of us have joined together to do everything in our power to help these children. (2 of the boys now are matched with families! Thanking God for this!)  We continue to advocate and pray for a family for Z-a sweet 10 yr old boy.

We are hosting an online silent auction to bring awareness to their needs and to provide grants for the families who step up to provide them a home. 100% of the money we raise will go towards those grants!  The grants will be split between these 3 boys’ families.

The auction starts Tuesday, Nov 15 at 6am (eastern time) and will end Friday, Dec 2 at 9pm (eastern time.)

Head on over a take a look!

There are many many items and you are bound to find something that you just HAVE to have.  There are many Ethiopian items brought back by adoptive families are included (including that beloved coffee!), artwork created just for this auction, jewelry, music, books, Karen Purvis items, and much more.

And..shipping is free on all items!

Come shop—and bless these boys and their future families.

November 10, 2011

Ray of Hope by IJM

In this new 12-minute film, witness the powerful courage and unrelenting faith of our IJM Kolkata team as they travel from Kolkata down to Mumbai to search for Suhana in a city of 18 million people.

Be encouraged as you experience the joy of rescue and the hope of new life, as well as the reactions of IJM staff in a way never shown before.

You guys know that I love IJM!

Go check out their new website! 

And our auction for TLZ has a signed Just Courage book (by Gary Haugen) in it!

November 6, 2011

Rachel’s Beefy Biscuits for Restoration Orphanage

Rachel has received a request for her beefy biscuits to be sold for Christmas presents for our favorite four legged friends! :)

She thought for a while and has decided that she would like for the funds to go to Ashli York for Restoration Orphanage through Ordinary Hero.  All proceeds from these sales will go to them.

(and thank you to those who helped her to raise funds for Samaritan’s Purse’s Horn of Africa Famine Fund!)


Greg and I visited this orphanage while in Ethiopia and was very impressed with the work being done and realized many of those children would have been dead if hadn’t been for a young woman saying “yes, God—I will go!” Seriously. It moved us enough to have Greg bawling in the middle of it. And he is not a easy crying man (unlike me who cries during sappy commercials!)

Rachel saw our pictures when we came home (I wish I could show the pics of the sweet wee ones) and was moved by their need. (read that post here)

To read more about Ashli and the orphanage go to this link:

IMG_1957 - CopyIMG_1967

Each bag contains 21 dog treats and will be in Christmas shapes-some large and some small. These treats are all natural..containing only whole wheat flour, a bit of honey, beef broth, egg, yeast, and parsley. (and cost big bucks in the pet stores!)  Dog love them! We have sold them before and everyone has told us that they are loved by their dogs.

pic from her last batch—this batch will be more Christmasy :)


Price:  $5 per bag if you are local.  $10 per bag shipped (any extra funds from shipping will also be sent) 

If you want some shipped and want more than 1 bag—email me with your address at gcknight at verizon dot net  and I can get you a quote for what shipping would be for more than 1—we can do combined shipping to save you money!

Go to the link below to purchase.

Thank you so much!!

PS Rachel will also have some Beefy Biscuits for sale at our TLC for TLZ auction starting on Nov 15!  All proceeds from this auction go to a grant fund for 3 older waiting boys at our agency’s care center.

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