November 4, 2011

Flashback Friday

I liked to pretend a was a cowgirl way back when.  I vividly remember this vest and how cool I thought I was with it on.

And I still have a cool leather vest that I wear when we go to the rodeo or other cowgirl type things. With my turquoise rodeo earrings.  Go ahead and laugh. I give you permission.


Occasionally I still make the whole family pretend. Good golly look how little the kids are. Rachel is thrilled—can you tell?


Occasionally I pretend. I look pretty good here—until the horse moved and I yelled for Debbie to take control of this horse (yea, he took like, um, 3 steps but they were prancy steps I’m telling you!)


Rachel pretends too.


And go here

and you will see Ab’s first time on a horse several months after he was home.

We try, people. We try.

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