November 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

Found this while looking through photos the other day.

It was our membership photo for our church back in 1994. Pre-kids. Married for around 2 years.

Knew absolutely nothing but thought I knew so much.

This was my I will have 1 maybe 2 children days. hahahahaha.

I am all of 21 there and still sporting that nice curly hair. and my nice blue shiny suit. That was shorts instead of a skirt. Yep. classy. (I heard that’s coming back) I WON’T be taking part of that trend this time.

And..I have my all time favorite necklace on though you can’t see it. It simply said Try God. Loved it. Lost it.


Greg is wearing glasses that we found out years later that he really didn’t even need.

And..I think that tie is still in our closet. Maybe we need to clean out the old tie rack?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Don’t forget to check out the auction during your holiday shopping!

And Rachel is still in making beefy biscuit mode!  click on the tab above to order some for your furry friends!

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