November 14, 2011

TLZ auction is live!

Hello friends in blog world!

I would appreciate it so much if you would help us publicize the below auction for 3 very special boys!!  It is at

Thank you!  You can share the info below if you’d like! (just link back to please!)

While picking up our son, Teshale, this year, we met and were burdened by three young boys at IAN’s care center. Three boys who have been waiting over a YEAR for family. Why? Because they are older—8, 9, and 10.  A Year. Imagine that! Watching other kids and parents come and go while you still wait.

Many other families have felt the same burden. Some families have already met them. Some have just seen pictures and heard stories.  But all have a desire to do something—anything—to help them have a family. a home. love.

A group of us have joined together to do everything in our power to help these children. (2 of the boys now are matched with families! Thanking God for this!)  We continue to advocate and pray for a family for Z-a sweet 10 yr old boy.

We are hosting an online silent auction to bring awareness to their needs and to provide grants for the families who step up to provide them a home. 100% of the money we raise will go towards those grants!  The grants will be split between these 3 boys’ families.

The auction starts Tuesday, Nov 15 at 6am (eastern time) and will end Friday, Dec 2 at 9pm (eastern time.)

Head on over a take a look!

There are many many items and you are bound to find something that you just HAVE to have.  There are many Ethiopian items brought back by adoptive families are included (including that beloved coffee!), artwork created just for this auction, jewelry, music, books, Karen Purvis items, and much more.

And..shipping is free on all items!

Come shop—and bless these boys and their future families.

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