November 16, 2011


I am blown away by the response for the auction! BLOWN AWAY!

There is tons of good stuff on there!  Ethiopian items, books and music by Dennis Jernigan, Gary Haugen, Dave Ramsey, Sara Groves. A new 36 diamond and 10k gold bracelet (that would make a GREAT gift!) Baby Bjorn carriers, slings, soap, tons of jewelry, coffee, photography sessions, and acupuncturist visits for those in CO. So much stuff!

Be sure to check it out at case you didn’t get to read it before: Our testimony is up at No Greater Joy’s website (which I love!!)

Now..some fun stuff. Here are pictures from our photo shoot with Brand New Photography

Teshale was a wee bit cranky from his shots and teething so he wasn’t his normal smiling self. But I still love them. :)


And my absolute favorite! hehehe


I’ve got so much stuff swirling in my heart and head. Stay tuned.

God is faithful my friends. so faithful.

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