November 17, 2011

Flashback Friday

It was one of those homeschool days where it was gorgeous out and we ditched all the school and went to the park for a photo shoot and play time.

Back when Josh was still cuddly—and I had short haircut. (and Josh had a short haircut too!! )

I love this haircut—but it only works when I am thin:)  ahem. I don’t have it right now.

fall kids _0001_NEW

fall kids _0002

Rachel was so little here. Love it.

fall kids _0003

Random note. That gazebo behind Rachel is where this was filmed:

Can anyone guess what movie it is? (look at bottom of post for answer Smile)

fall kids _0004_NEW

crunchy leaves. favorite of fall.

fall kids _0005


fall kids _0006


Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me!!

Be sure to check out the auction at!

It is going great! Lots of bids and lots of items!!

PS. Evan Almighty is the film!


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