November 6, 2011

Rachel’s Beefy Biscuits for Restoration Orphanage

Rachel has received a request for her beefy biscuits to be sold for Christmas presents for our favorite four legged friends! :)

She thought for a while and has decided that she would like for the funds to go to Ashli York for Restoration Orphanage through Ordinary Hero.  All proceeds from these sales will go to them.

(and thank you to those who helped her to raise funds for Samaritan’s Purse’s Horn of Africa Famine Fund!)


Greg and I visited this orphanage while in Ethiopia and was very impressed with the work being done and realized many of those children would have been dead if hadn’t been for a young woman saying “yes, God—I will go!” Seriously. It moved us enough to have Greg bawling in the middle of it. And he is not a easy crying man (unlike me who cries during sappy commercials!)

Rachel saw our pictures when we came home (I wish I could show the pics of the sweet wee ones) and was moved by their need. (read that post here)

To read more about Ashli and the orphanage go to this link:

IMG_1957 - CopyIMG_1967

Each bag contains 21 dog treats and will be in Christmas shapes-some large and some small. These treats are all natural..containing only whole wheat flour, a bit of honey, beef broth, egg, yeast, and parsley. (and cost big bucks in the pet stores!)  Dog love them! We have sold them before and everyone has told us that they are loved by their dogs.

pic from her last batch—this batch will be more Christmasy :)


Price:  $5 per bag if you are local.  $10 per bag shipped (any extra funds from shipping will also be sent) 

If you want some shipped and want more than 1 bag—email me with your address at gcknight at verizon dot net  and I can get you a quote for what shipping would be for more than 1—we can do combined shipping to save you money!

Go to the link below to purchase.

Thank you so much!!

PS Rachel will also have some Beefy Biscuits for sale at our TLC for TLZ auction starting on Nov 15!  All proceeds from this auction go to a grant fund for 3 older waiting boys at our agency’s care center.

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  1. Yay! My dog's love her beefy biscuits:) I will have to put in an order soon. I love that she does this!


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